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Stop Trusting Your Mind

Last month a lesson I learned from Human Design really hit me hard. We have to stop trusting our minds. It is not a reliable source of information. Although I have been aware of this for decades, seeing it through the lens of human design has made it much more clear and apparent.

In Human Design we are looking at two different sides of ourselves. The conscious part that everyone knows and sees fairly clearly, and the unconscious part that resides more in our physical body that we struggle to explain with words. Some people may see this unconscious part as our soul, spirit, or intuition rather than the body itself.

We each are wired to make decisions differently. Some people need to trust their gut, for some their heart will guide them, others need to sleep on it, and some may need to talk it out loud. No matter what your strategy is, the decisions are coming from your body.

We have been raised not to trust or listen to our bodies though. Do you need to go to the bathroom at an inconvenient time? Hold it. Are you hungry when you can't take a break? Too bad. Are you physically exhausted and not feeling well but have to go to work? Well, you better push through it and go. No wonder people are making poor decisions that are out of alignment with what they truly want and desire.

Instead of our bodies, we are trained to listen to our minds. The mind can talk you into or out of anything. That is why it is not a reliable source of wisdom. That is why you really shouldn't trust it. It can talk you into or out of eating a cookie. It can talk you into or out of quitting your job. It can talk you into or out of leaving your relationship. So even when we come up with our lists of pros and cons, we must turn to the body's inner wisdom to know the correct answer.

Do you realize what happens when you make a decision with your mind that betrays what your body or unconscious side truly wants? You are met with friction, resistance, and ultimately dissatisfaction, frustration, or anger.

Maybe this is why the world seems to be so miserable these days!

You can't change your gut feelings. You can't change your heart's desires. You can change your mind. Take a deeper look into your human design and you will learn how to trust yourself more and more. Your life will begin to flow with more ease and joy. You will begin to experience more satisfaction and peace.

I hope you will take some time to ponder this and allow it to sink in. Human Design is like having an operator's manual for your body, mind, and soul. Use it!!

I have three ways I can help you dive deeper into understanding your design:

  1. Order your human design book!

  2. Join our Human Design Embodiment group coaching program starting in September 2023.

  3. Get a private coaching package to customize exactly what you need help and support with.

As always, I am here to help answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to email or message me anytime!



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