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Do you feel your age sneaking up on you?!

Do You Feel..?

.. tired of pain in your hips, knees, or back that prevents you from moving with ease?

.. frustrated with only seeing weight gain or saggy skin despite what you do with your diet and exercise?

.. intimidated that you cannot keep up with the teacher and the others in your movement class?

.. stuck because you think you "could never do that" as you're not naturally flexible?

.. tired and lacking the energy you once had?

Contrary to what most people say, it DOESN'T have to take you years to get to your goal AND you're not doomed because of your genetics or aging.

The Biggest Fitness & Flexibility Myths

Myth 1

It will take years to see ANY progress..

It might, if your game plan is to be going to random yoga classes or focus on passive stretching. It will NOT if you shift your focus towards proper mobility and flexibility training and start working on active stretching. Do you have a goal? Train for it! You need to have a plan and be consistent.

Myth 2

If you're not naturally flexible, you're doomed.

It's amazing how this myth continues to stay alive. Let me put it straight: Genetics might help in terms of flexibility, but if you weren't born with flexible genes you are not doomed. If you put in consistent work, you WILL achieve your goals, that's a fact. No matter where you are in your practice or how old you are!

Myth 3

I can’t exercise because I have sore joints.

Arthritis is no laughing matter but that doesn’t mean individuals with arthritis should rule out trying any form of physical exercise. In fact, there have been a number of studies showing that regular, moderate exercise can be a huge help in alleviating the pain associated with arthritis.

But the biggest myth of them all:

It’s Too Late for me to Start Exercising

My average client comes to me in their 60's and I have worked with clients up to 103 years old!


Trust me, there is no hopeless case. Most of my clients are surprised at how quickly they start seeing results in both strength and flexibility. Often times my clients are shocked at how much it impacts their daily activities from getting up and down from the toilet easier to not being winded when they get up the stairs to bending over to pick up the ball on the golf course with more ease.

Imagine if you could...

.. diminish your aches and pains


.. move with ease and confidence 


.. release the tension in your neck, shoulders, spine and hips


.. walk into yoga or any other movement class and be able to keep up with the teacher and others


.. be part of an inspiring and supportive community that will help you out on your journey of healthy aging and wellness

..have an expert guiding you every step of the way

Strengthen & Stretch



Strengthen & Stretch is an effective strength and mobility system that addresses your body's unique needs and helps you achieve your goals:









What my clients say...


Marcus DeFlorimonte

Hilery’s methodology involves an approach to lifestyle adjustments that are realistic and sustainable. She believes health and wellness is a journey, not a destination. Hilery is truly invested in my success and well being. This has motivated me to work diligently to make the changes that are the best for my future wellness. I’ve had some setbacks in my journey, however this is where Hilery is brilliant. Her ability to thoroughly analyze the situation and provide constructive solutions is a true skill. Hilery knows how to motivate and encourage me to stay positive despite what happens. This is a phenomenal talent and a testament to who she is as a person. Hilery continues to be a blessing in my life and I consider it a privilege to work with her. I very much enjoy working with her and look forward to her continued guidance in my health and wellness journey. Thank you Hilery!!

nancy hammond

Nancy Hammond

Hilery actually listens, and due to her vast knowledge and compassion, I now have a 5-day plan that I can do when it is convenient for me. Yoga was very painful for me so Hilery now has me doing a chair yoga routine three times a week and an overall stretching and strengthening routine twice a week. I am actually looking forward to the workouts everyday and make it a priority, which I have never done in the past. It makes such a difference to have a routine designed just for me.

I am getting stronger and more flexible with each workout and it doesn't hurt to stretch anymore. Hilery will modify my program as needed which is wonderful. I know it will always be challenging, effective, and fun. I love how she explains each exercise and makes sure that I have good form. The gentle reminders are very helpful and keep me in proper alignment. Thank you Hilery! You have truly made a difference in my everyday life.

What's included in the program?

This program is done entirely through my online training app and online Client Success Center. Each day you will have activities assigned in your calendar to do at your own pace. If you would like to schedule a discovery call, we can use that time to really tailor this program to suit your needs. Otherwise, the general program includes:

 Recipe Book for 58 Plant-Based Recipes

 Recipe Book for 40 Vegan Recipes

 Four Meal Plans and Grocery Shopping Lists

 Two Foam Rolling Routines for Self-massage

 Six Workout Routines for Strength & Balance

 Four Stretching Routines for Mobility & Flexibility

That is 12 different movement routines!! Talk about variety! But I want to help you discover what feels best in your body and what truly works for you. Once you finish the program we could really fine-tune it just for YOU!

Quick & Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Thousands of years ago Hippocrates said "Let food be thy medicine, let medicine be thy food!" From my personal experience, I know he was spot on!!

A lot of our aches and pains are caused by inflammation. Following an ant-inflammatory diet and using supplements that can help decrease inflammation can make a significant difference in your quality of life.

My plant based and vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks will help you cut down on foods that trigger inflammation. It will also provide you with weekly meal plans and grocery shopping lists.

The Foam Rolling Routines

Upper Body Rolling Relief

Lower Body Rolling Relief

Lower Body Rolling Relief

Four Stretching Routines

Happy Hamstrings

Six Workout Routines

I know it can take more time to get warmed up so each workout begins with balance and mobility.


You will have separate workouts for upper body, lower body, and core and at the end of week two you will try a couple total body routines. These are Pilates based workouts so many of the exercises are straight from physical therapy. I like to take a slow and focused approach and provide a lot of cues to help you move with proper alignment. 

If you are in fairly decent shape and want a little more intensity, we can bump it up a notch too! 

You can do all the workouts and routines right through the app on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Two Foam Rolling Routines

Don't delay, start today!

  • Strengthen & Stretch

    DIY Fitness Program
    Valid for 3 months
    • 2 Foam Rolling Routines
    • 4 Stretching Routines
    • 6 Workout Routines
    • Meal Plans & Recipe Books
    • Foam Rolling 101
    • E-mail Accountability
    • Workout Video Library
  • S&S + Accountability

    Accountability is the game changer!
    Valid for 3 months
    • 2 Foam Rolling Routines
    • 4 Stretching Routines
    • 6 Workout Routines
    • Foam Rolling 101
    • Meal Plans & Recipe Books
    • Weekly 30-minute Call
    • Workout Video Library
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