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Gene Keys: A Guide to Becoming Your Highest Self

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Most of you know of my love for Human Design and what an amazing tool it is to start living a more empowered life with greater freedom and clarity. My path of learning has also brought me to another amazing system that was born from Human Design and it is called the Gene Keys.

I have found the Gene Keys to be an interesting system that feels like it provides me with an exact roadmap toward what I need to focus on healing and embodying in my life. I have become fascinated by this system and have been using it to help not only myself but my spiritual life-coaching clients as well.

What are the gene keys?

The Gene Keys is a system for self-discovery and self-awakening channeled by Richard Rudd. They create what is called a Hologenetic Profile based on your birth date, location, and time. This profile is made up of 11 different aspects: your life's work, evolution, radiance, purpose, attraction, SQ, IQ, EQ, vocation, culture, and pearl.

Your hologenetic profile provides you with a roadmap to understanding your underlying drives and patterns and this framework allows your self-awareness to grow. You are able to see what were formerly blind spots and you can begin to shift your underlying patterns. This will help you move out of fear-based living into a more empowered, authentic state. This system gives you a language to name, see, and shift the energetic patterns playing out in your life. These patterns have the potential to hold you back or propel you forward. This is the key to discovering your path to true fulfillment, love, and prosperity.

These 11 pearls of wisdom make up your hologenetic profile. Each of these spheres has what is called a shadow, a gift, and a siddhi. The shadow is where we fall into our negative patterns. They are the re-occurring themes that often hold us back in life yet we fail to be completely aware of them. These shadows become wired within us based on fear and survival. When we live in the shadow frequency we tend to live in a world of blame and shame. We blame those forces and people that we believe are outside us, and we feel shame when we believe we alone are responsible for our lives. The gene keys give us the language to clearly see these shadows and help us to begin a journey of contemplation. This journey opens your awareness to also see how these patterns affect other people as well. It allows a shift in your awareness to move away from those internal patterns and traits that keep you believing you are a victim and towards the inherent genius and love that is your true nature.

Becoming aware of your shadow frequencies unlocks inherent access to your gifts. Physically, this can lead to changes in your body chemistry and increased vitality. Emotionally, it can lead to high vibrational feelings, joyousness, and an incredible sense of optimism. Mentally, it can lead to insight and great creativity. One of the traits of the Gift frequency is the ability to take full responsibility for your own karma – that is your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. At this level of frequency, you no longer identify as a victim of any perceived external stimulus.

Siddhi is a Sanskrit word meaning divine gift. This is the full embodiment of the gift. It is important to take these with a pinch of salt. They naturally occur out of embodying the gift so it is not something you seek out specifically.

There are a wide variety of different ways to start using the gene keys for your personal growth and healing but there are three main paths that are encouraged to follow.

The path of fulfillment is considered "the activation sequence." This is about discovering your Gift. You come to earth with your own unique gift and you carry this gift in your DNA.

It is not so much about what you do, but about who you are. The activation sequence consists of 4 Gene Keys, your 4 primary gifts: Your life’s work, your evolution, your radiance, and your life’s purpose. These are the same four gates that form your incarnation cross in Human Design but will give you an entirely new perspective and way to understand yourself.

The path of love is considered "the Venus sequence." This path consists of 6 Gene Keys and is about love, friendship, and connection. It may be the most intense and most important path. The Venus sequence is about opening your heart. You become aware of the patterns that you live in your relationships. This programming is deeply embedded in your DNA and passed on through ancestral lines.

For the last couple of months, I have been focused on the attraction sphere of my own gene keys. I find it extremely interesting that all the relationships I attract into my life are to help teach me to embody the gift of understanding which results in the siddhi of forgiveness. Forgiveness was a huge instrumental part of my healing from severe illness so a large part of my own gene key journey has been diving deeper into understanding this on a whole new level.

The path of prosperity is considered "the pearl sequence". The Pearl sequence reveals the underlying simplicity of how to truly prosper in your life. It includes four spheres that will help you discover your unique brand and vocation in the world.

This is just a brief introduction to the gene keys and I will be sharing more in the near future! If you would like to begin your journey with the gene keys with expert guidance, I have a wonderful coaching package available for you. We start with your activation sequence and focus each session on a different sphere. You can choose to use these four sessions weekly, biweekly, or monthly depending on how much time you would like to reflect and process each sphere before moving on to the next one. In addition to your private sessions, there is a weekly group support call and online community to help you process and continue to heal, learn, and grow with additional support.

I'm so excited to share more about the gene keys and human design with you in 2023. I hope you will find these systems as empowering and healing as I do.



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