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What is a human design reading?

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Human Design is an amazing system of self-discovery that will allow you to be your true authentic self on a whole new level. When you first run your human design chart you will see a graphic with all kinds of symbols, numbers, and words that can be completely overwhelming and leave you with more questions and confusion than answers.

A human design reading can help you understand all this information on a much deeper level and give you the information you need to start applying this wisdom to your life.

I look at the human design chart as a map of your internal electrical system. It shows you how you are wired in an extremely unique way and why you are the way you are.

image of a human design chart

There are five main components that your human design reading will help you understand.

  1. Energy Type

  2. Profile

  3. Variables

  4. Centers

  5. Gates & Channels

Last year I started providing Human Design readings in book form because you learn so much information in a reading! The amount you actually retain weeks after a live reading can be minimal for some people. When you have a book, you have the time to read, re-read, journal, process, and reflect. You can continually turn to it so you can slowly integrate more of the knowledge into your life.

Your Energy Type

This is specifically talking about your aura. The energy field you naturally embody. There are five different types: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector. Some people have an aura that actually repels people away whereas others pull people towards them. When you start to live your life with a deeper understanding of your energy type, you will find that life gets easier. You are able to let go of the conditioning that parents, society, and other influences have told you and embody the true nature of who you were actually born to be.

Along with your energy type, you will also learn your authority. This is your natural decision-making process. Once you understand this, you will realize that saying "follow your gut" doesn't actually apply to everyone! We all make decisions in different ways and learning your unique decision-making strategy will help you make the decisions in your life with greater ease and clarity.

Your Profile

This is more of a personality type that shows you both how you see yourself and how others see you. There are twelve different profile types in Human Design that explain who you are on a conscious level and a subconscious level. There are six lines that make up these twelve profiles: The Investigator, The Hermit, The Martyr, The Opportunist, The Heretic, and the Role Model. One important thing about Human Design is not to get too caught up in the language. Some of these words may automatically trigger you to think they are a bad thing but in reality, they are just trying to summarize the energy with an archetype. Once you truly understand what your profile type is, it will give you a better understanding of who you are born to be. I have been leaning into my profile type these last six months and it simply makes life easier. I have more permission to be me and it has created a lot less pressure and more acceptance in my life.

Your Variables

These are the arrows you see at the top of the chart. These arrows can help you understand your digestion, your optimal daily routine, the best environment for you to live in, how you learn and digest information, your "super" sense, and the way you manifest. This can be very practical information that you can immediately apply to thrive in your daily routine. When you truly embody this information it will set you up to be in the right places with the right people so the right opportunities come to you.

Your Centers

There are nine different centers that make up your chart. These are similar to the seven chakras but Human Design adds two more to the mix. We have the head, ajna, throat, heart (G center), ego (will), solar plexus, spleen, sacral, and root. Each of these centers carries a different energy in life like ideas, emotions, communication, fear, etc.

If you have a center defined, it gives you steady energy and a more fixed perspective in that specific area of life. If you have a center open then the energy will fluctuate based on who you are around and you will have a more open perspective. You will also have a tendency to amplify the energy from others. For example, if you have an open solar plexus then you will generally be a calm and collected person but when you come across people that are in an emotional state, you will pick up on their energy and may actually feel it deeper than they do.

This can be helpful information to know when you are figuring out your career choices. For example, a life coach or health coach with a defined ego center shouldn't really teach about discipline or use that as their niche because they always have steady access to it. It is part of their nature and comes with ease so they simply can't understand what it is like to not have discipline.

Your Gates & Channels

The gates are little circles with numbers in them on your bodygraph and you will also see them on the side of your chart next to the planet glyphs. This is where there is steady energy activated in your chart. Each of the gates corresponds with a chapter of the I-Ching and has both a gift and a shadow.

If you are suppressing this energy in some way, you will fall into the shadow traits of this gate rather than embodying the gift. Simply understanding these gifts will help you start to pull yourself out of the shadow. The more time you can spend contemplating your shadows, the greater the gift can become.

If you have two gates connected from different centers it becomes a channel. There is energy running straight from one center to the other and this gives you the full perspective on this aspect of life. This is also a way you will influence other people that come into your life.

As you can see, there is A LOT of information that you learn in a human design reading that can help you navigate life with greater ease and clarity which leads to more fulfillment and joy.

Read these reviews to get a better idea of what my clients have gotten out of their Human Design readings from their perspective...

In some ways, I think the Human Design system reaffirms what you already know about yourself. You will also learn some things you didn't realize which can lead to a deconditioning process. They believe there is a seven-year deconditioning process that takes place before you can truly embody your entire Human Design and live in alignment with your energy.

Overall I think Human Design empowers you to be your true self. You understand that you are simply wired a certain way and don't need to fight it in an effort to fit in. You were born with unique gifts and when you are able to put language to them, you begin to see it yourself and can start to take advantage of these gifts in an entirely new way.

You will also start becoming more aware that everyone is wired in a very unique way which can give you a lot more compassion and understanding when dealing with difficult relationships.

One beautiful aspect of human design is that you can also do relationship charts. You can see how your energy connects with another person, what your struggles will be, and what your gifts are together. It can give you compassion and clarity on how to navigate this relationship with greater ease.

If you are interested in doing a Human Design Reading, I offer them as a 90-minute session for $175, you can order your book for $99, or take my online course, Human Design 101 for a deep dive. I also have a private coaching package based on your Human Design and Gene Keys with a bi-weekly group coaching session included. If you would like to continue learning more about Human Design and the Gene Keys for free, make sure to follow me on social media and download my app to join the free group.

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