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The Book of YOU

The Book of YOU

This Human Design Reading in book form is completely customized just for YOU! It is essentially a guidebook to help you embody your true nature so you can create more flow and ease in your life. If you apply what you learn, you will have more joy, satisfaction, peace, and success.


This is your Human Design chart explained. Each chapter is personalized based on your birth information. For the book to be as accurate as possible, please know the specific time you were born. If you don't know your specific time, please schedule one of my free "tea time" sessions and I can help you figure it out.


This IS NOT an instant download as I need time to create your book. I guarantee you will have it within 72 hours of purchase. This can make a great gift for your loved ones too!


Each book has five chapters and covers your energy type, decision-making strategy, profile type, determination (which covers ideal routines and environments), how to tap into your super sense, and understanding your centers that reveal your gifts and shadows.


Because the book is customized, each book is slightly different in length but most are around 90 pages long. Each of the five chapters ends with some journaling prompts and ideas to help you implement the information you have learned. I hope this will truly help you embrace your true nature and your soul's purpose.


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