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Are you ready to feel empowered?


I created Human Design 101 to help you dive deeper into the Human Design system in your own time and rhythms. Human Design is an incredible tool for self discovery, awareness, and empowerment. It can help you discover who you were truly born to be without the conditioning other people have placed on you. You will be able to transcend the shadow frequencies that keep you in stuck patterns and step into the gifts that you are actually here to embody.

Not everyone wants to work with someone privately on their self-discovery journey and sign up for coaching. I know I prefer to do my inner work on my own schedule, so I want to honor that for others as well. This course will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to get started on a beautiful healing Human Design journey.

If you WOULD like to work in a group setting, I am also offering this program from February to April as a group coaching program. The time will be based on everyone's availability once sign-up is closed on January 25th.

Topics Covered in Human Design 101

Type & Strategy
Understanding how your energy works and is here to interact with the world is the most important thing to learn how to embody to live a life with less resistance and greater ease. No matter how much deeper you go on your human design journey, embodying this one module can change your life.

Inner Authority
Decisions become easy when you realize they are made with your body, not your mind. Each of us has a different signal we need to learn to trust and this module will help you understand your unique decision-making strategy.

The 4 Variables
The arrows in our chart help us nourish our bodies and minds in a way that is in true alignment from digestion to environment to our daily routine. This will help you stop following random advice from experts that never truly ends up working for you. You will discover what works for you on an energetic level. 

Your Profile & The 6 Lines
Your profile is an archetype that you embody, one consciously and one unconsciously. Understanding your profile can give you permission to be who you truly are and lean into this information rather than forcing yourself to be a certain way. It can also help you see some of your own gifts from a different perspective. You will also learn the six lines that play a role in every aspect of your chart.

The 9 Centers
There are nine energy centers in your chart that play a different role in your daily life. They impact how we think and feel about ourselves and others. Understanding these centers can help you gain a deeper perspective into why you fall into the same patterns time and time again.  

What my clients say...

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App or Computer

You can access this course through my free online app on your phone or iPad or right on your computer. There are video lessons, audio recordings, a few written lessons, and different journal prompts to help you reflect, integrate, and embody the information on a deeper level.

We also have a private online group to connect, share, ask questions, and continue to learn additional aspects of Human Design.

Once you sign up and send over your birth info, I will send you four different charts for you to have along your journey. Your quantum chart, your shadow chart, your gene keys chart, and your quantum natal astrology chart.

Don't delay, start today!

  • Human Design 101

    Online Course
    Valid for 2 years
    • Human Design 101
    • Private Online Group
  • Human Design 101 + Book

    Get your custom book to help guide you with the online course!
    Valid for 2 years
    • The Book of YOU: Human Design Reading
    • Human Design 101 Online Course
    • Private Online Group
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