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Ways We Can Work Together!

I offer sessions for personal training, private yoga and meditation, human design, and spiritual life coaching.

On a Video Call

I find private coaching has the quickest results. It can be hard to open up to a group of strangers so I find group coaching can take a little longer even though it has its own benefits too.

I do have 58 certifications so I offer private coaching in a wide variety of aspects from fitness and yoga to human design, Ayurveda, and healing.

My 12-week group coaching program helps you understand every aspect of wellness and how to quickly implement them into your life to help you improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. This can be a life changing program that will help you heal on many different levels.

The wellness club
Image by Kelly Sikkema

Join me and a group of wonderful women for our weekly workout program on Monday-Friday from 9-9:30 am EST. These low-impact workouts will help you improve your balance, posture, strength, flexibility, and mobility levels. You will get a healthy dose of self care for both mind and body into your daily routine.

Come to El Salvador and join me on our peaceful, private beach. All you have to do is book a discovery call and I will help create the perfect retreat program that will help you with what you need most.

Private Retreat
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