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What is Human Design?!

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

A couple of years ago I was introduced to the philosophy of Human Design and it has completely changed my perspective on how I live my life, coach my clients, navigate my relationships, and see humans in general.

So what is this beautiful philosophy all about? Well, it is a blend of multiple different systems including Vedic astrology, the I'Ching, the Kaballah, quantum physics, and the chakra system. It is a philosophy that will help you understand who you truly are and what your purpose is in life. Understanding your chart is like having a handbook to living life with more ease and joy.

According to Human Design, the soul comes into the body 88 days before birth. During this time, it leaves a trace pattern of neutrinos (according to quantum physics), which is essentially a blueprint to who you are and how you are wired. This pattern is formed based on where the planets are at the time your soul enters the body AND when you are born into the world. This can give you profound insight into both your subconscious and conscious mind.

If parents all learned the Human Design of their children, they would be able to raise them to be the truest and fullest versions of themselves rather than conditioning them to be who they think they should be or what society is forcing onto people. This is one of the biggest gifts of Human Design. The way society conditions us to fit into a box is detrimental to humankind. It leaves people feeling lost, alone, and like they will never fit in or measure up. In reality, it is just false conditioning that we need to release, and Human Design teaches us how.

I could go way deeper into the philosophy behind it all but I don't want to overwhelm you because it is pretty in-depth, so I just want to explain some of the basic knowledge that your Human Design chart can tell you and how it can be beneficial. I am only going to touch the surface of how informative a Human Design reading can be.

The first thing you will learn is your energy type. There are five different energy types according to Human Design: Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Generator, Projector, and Reflector. Understanding your energy type alone can give you key insights into how to nurture your energy levels and live with more joy. We live in a society where everyone is expected to go, go, go but not all of us are wired to keep up with that level of energy all of the time.

A projector, for example, should only be working six hours a day maximum and needs to recharge by lying down to rest. Can you imagine having a projector child and not knowing so you keep their schedule jam packed with lessons and playdates? They will be cranky and exhausted, unable to keep up and feel like they have to live up to your expectations... so they will. They will go against their true nature in order to feel loved and accepted.

Your energy type will also help guide your decision-making process and tell you the specific emotional signs that you are in balance vs. out of balance.

Making decisions is easy for me (sacral authority) as my gut instantly tells me a strong yes or no. For a solar plexus authority, they need 24 hours to sit on a decision to let any strong emotions pass in order to make a clear-headed and sound decision.

My mom has a solar plexus authority and since I was a child, if she saw something she liked when we were out shopping she would always wait to buy it. If she still wanted it that night when we got home then she would go out the next day and get it.

Often times reading your chart tells you a few things you already know but it still validates you and helps you lean into your natural tendencies with more confidence and clarity. This is often true for the decision making strategy.

Then, it is important to understand where on your chart your chakras are naturally defined and open. This can give you so much insight into not only your strengths but your internal doubts and struggles. You can find great peace of mind when you realize that you are just "wired" to be that way and it will allow you to find tools to help you turn these struggles into gifts.

I can give you a personal example of this! I have an open "G Center". This means that I will essentially always be searching for a home and will never find it. The G Center dictates our sense of direction and purpose. When it is open it is similar to being a chameleon. You are naturally pulled into new opportunities, new directions, and quickly adapt and fit in.

Now if you know me, you know that I am never in one spot for all that long. I go after opportunities all over the world and listen to my intuition to guide me. Putting down roots may never be my thing and now that I know I am wired this way, it gives me greater permission to follow those urges and know that I am truly living by design.

If instead, I was always trying to conform to what society wants from us, to settle down and build a family, I would be depressed and frustrated all the time. Opportunities would arise that my gut instinct would want to follow and pursue, but I would be stuck at a home that doesn't even truly feel like home and unable to follow the inspiration that is ultimately helping me live my unique life purpose.

Your chart can also tell you how you digest food best, what environment you are suited to live in, and whether you are built for a disciplined routine or need variety in your life. I wish I would have known this system at the beginning of my personal training career but it is a super helpful tool to have when I am creating my client's plans now!

How many times have you failed at keeping a strict diet? Imagine if you knew you were just wired that way and following a strict routine is against your true nature. Wouldn't it give you peace of mind and help you make empowered decisions to know that isn't the path for you?

There are so many other things your chart can tell you but this article would turn into a book.

One more thing I do want to inform you about is that where you have "holes" or empty gates in your chart is where you will electromagnetically bring those people into your life that have those gates defined.

You can place two human design charts together to form a connection chart. This can tell you so much about where a relationship will struggle and where it will thrive. This is also why some relationships last a lifetime and others fizzle out. This can be extremely beneficial information to know in romantic relationships, family relationships, and business relationships.

Earlier this year I had three couples come to me in one month that had a strong bond with their partner but had a tendency to have friction and feel frustrated at times. They all had different levels of connection on their chart indicating good to amazing compatibility but the one thing they all had in common was that they didn't share any companionship channels.

A companionship channel is what allows you to see an aspect of the world from the same exact perspective. Understanding that this is missing can provide great insight into why there is a subtle struggle at times. Then, you can focus on the other aspects of your chart that will help you focus on the strengths and gifts of the relationship instead.

I honestly don't feel like I am doing the system justice because there are SO many pieces of information you can gain from a Human Design reading. When you begin to understand your design it truly does change the way you navigate and see the world. Hopefully, you have enough information to know whether you are intrigued though!

Schedule an online reading with me or get your chart made into a book that is all about YOU!



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