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The 61st Gate & Key

Updated: Jan 11

According to the Human Design system and astrology, we are continually entering into different transits of where the sun lines up with Earth. These transits last approximately six days and cause a global shift in energy. Think of it in the same way you would think of how the different full moon energy affects you or how the astrological sun signs like Scorpio energy vs. Gemini energy affect someone's personality.

Thursday, January 12th we are entering gate 61. If you have this in your Human Design chart, you will find it in the head center. If you don't have this in your design, you experience this energy from time to time based on the people you are around and the transits that are alive.

I thought I would give you an overview of how Human Design, Gene Keys, and the I'Ching all translate this energy in a unique way. I find these systems say a lot of the same things but the languaging and perspective are very different. I think you will find that the language of one system may resonate with you more than another.

When we are mindful of these transits, it can help us reflect on what is going on in our lives from a different lens and act as a guidance system for our self-development and spiritual work.

Human Design: Gate 61 The Mystic

This is the pressure that can lead us to unique inspiration or to delusion and madness.

THE GIFT: Deeply enjoying being in a state of awe and wonder. You just know certain things without any explanation of why. You are a channel of inspiration that has the potential of making a lasting impact on others' lives.

Look at your human design chart to see if it is defined and what line you have.

How it shows up through the 6 lines:

61.1 Solving mysteries with occult knowledge

61.2 The natural brilliance to inspire others

61.3 Paving the way through cooperation

61.4 Exploring the depths of inner truths

61.5 Knowledge that can lead to influence and wisdom

61.6 Inspiration that can bring clarity to the collective

THE SHADOW: Experiencing a lot of pressure to figure out "why" which takes you away from living in the present moment and leads to overthinking. You also may be impatient and share your wisdom at the wrong time and with the wrong people.

THE TAKEAWAY: Surrender to the unknown and allow your mind to wander and think while waiting for the right time to share your wisdom.

Gene Key 61: The Glories of the Glories

The tremendous pressure within the human mind to figure out the question of why we exist. The right hemisphere feels pressure to do this through religion. The left hemisphere feels this pressure through science. By pursuing this question we have to break free of everything that feels comfortable. It is an inner quest that can feel lonely and isolating.

The 61st shadow is psychosis and contains the flaw of worship. As soon as you worship something or someone, you place yourself as a victim and your frequency will remain impaired. Devotion comes from realizing you are God. Worship requires a duality between you and God.

Inspiration is the gift that often comes on your quest of seeking answers. I'm sure if you are reflecting on the Gene Keys, Human Design, and the I'Ching, you are on this quest now. Inspiration can't be forced, it comes and goes as it pleases. When this inspiration comes it will shift something within you forever. It changes your awareness and will prepare you for even more amazing experiences.

Inspiration naturally seeks an outlet through creativity. Being creative will help unlock something inside you. The outcome of your creative endeavor doesn't matter, it is the flow state of channeling your inspiration that is important.

The siddhi of sanctity is about living life without answers. When the answers fall away, your inner truth can shine.

"Life is a mystery. Enlightenment is a mystery. Inner truth is a mystery. No matter what you do to try and solve the mystery, you will never come closer... You simply must come to realize that you know absolutely nothing, and this profound revelation can only occur in its own way and at its own time."

Richard Rudd

I'Ching: Inner Truth

Through openness and gentleness, the correct solution is reached.

When we meet difficulty with acceptance, gentleness, and a desire to understand the lesson underneath, it causes us to grow, heal, and change for the better. Strength belongs to those who are both internally and externally devoted to what is good. Other people can always feel this energy within you. Examine your negative habits and let them go before they cause you harm. If you rely on others for peace of mind you will have no balance in life. Accept both compliments and insults without letting them get to your ego. Do not try to talk others into accepting the truth. Self-development is made step by step and we are each walking at our own pace.

What system resonates with you most (Human Design? Gene Keys? I'Ching?) I would love to know! You may need to re-read them again and take a little time to reflect between each one.

I recommend focusing on that one explanation that resonates with you most and doing a little bit of journaling as to how you need to apply the wisdom to your own life. Try to write from the heart, not the mind. Just let the pen keep flowing and see what shows up over the course of 15-20 minutes.

A different way to tap into this energy would be to reflect on the questions you ask "why?" most often. Are you wondering why you were born? why something happened? why we exist? Connect with the question of why and how it plays a role in your thought patterns.



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