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Vegan Snickers Bar

I thought you may need a sweet treat to help you get through the week! These are very simple to make. There are only a few ingredients and you only need a food processor, no baking required!

This dessert is really just cashews, coconut oil. dates, and maple syrup with some chocolate and peanuts. The ingredients are pure, natural and your body understands how to process and assimilate them. No chemicals, no processed ingredients!

Luckily this is rich enough to keep your portion control in check. I love that our bodies are sensitive to fat to tell us to stop, carbs on the other hand give us no signal of when we have had enough.


Layer One

1 c Cashews

3 T Coconut Oil

2 T Maple Syrup

Layer Two

2 c Dates

2 T Water

2 T Nut Milk

Layer Three

1 c Roasted Salted Peanuts or Almonds

Layer 4

1/2 c Coconut Oil

2/3 c Cocoa Powder

1/4 c Maple Syrup

You will need to soak the cashews first. Normal process: Soak for 4 hours. Speed process: Soak in hot water for 20 minutes. You will also need to soak the dates for a minimum of 30 minutes but those are step two so you could start them at the same time if using the speed method.

First Layer: Combine all 3 ingredients in food processor or blender. Spread across bottom of pan. I used a bread loaf pan and coated the bottom with coconut oil. Parchment paper could be handy instead. Place in freezer immediately. You can freeze for an hour and come back or just keep it in the freezer while you make the other layers.

Second Layer: Place dates in food processor and turn on. You may have to push the dates back down a couple times. Then add the water and nut milk. Continue mixing until it is a smoother caramel like consistency. Take the pan out of freezer and spread the caramel date layer on top, smoothing it out.

Third Layer: Sprinkle your peanuts or almonds all over the top in a nice even layer. Place pan back in the freezer.

Fourth Layer: Combine all ingredients. I used the blender for this but you could just mix it in a bowl or the food processor too. Blend until smooth. Place final layer of chocolate on top and place in the freezer.

You will want to leave it in the freezer for a couple of hours. After an hour I took my pan out and made my slice marks and an hour later it was ready to serve. You will need to keep this in the freezer and it will melt quickly, especially the chocolate. This is the vegan way to make chocolate. You could just melt chocolate chips or a bar and drizzle on top too if you don't care about eating dairy. I always suggest almonds over peanuts because of the toxic mold that grows on peanuts but pick what you prefer!

Let me know how it goes! We had a slice last night and Roberto wanted to have it again for breakfast this morning - I mean its just dates and nuts right?! I hope you enjoy it.



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