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The Land of Introverts

I got to the ashram in the Bahamas last night and it is quite the culture shock. Last week I was running a retreat in Nicaragua that was all about adventure and we had so much fun together and really created some special bonds. Now that I am in the ashram it may be a group environment and community but you can really feel that everyone is on their own path here and in their own little world.

So I thought today would be a good time to just reflect on your own social life and how it distracts you from your goals and personal development. I definitely think you need both and it can be difficult to find the balance. I know I often find myself in one mode or the other. I am either focused only on helping others or I am focused on my own self development. I also definitely get distracted by not only social gatherings but social media. I catch myself going online to research something and ending up on facebook for way too long. 

Are you stuck in the daily grind of all your obligations?

Do you give yourself any set quiet time to just be?

I am a planner. I find success in fine tuning my schedule. The more I plan ahead, the more life runs smoothly. If I plan my meals, plan my workouts, plan my social time, I also need to schedule time for meditation and self reflection. The ashram taught me to have a practice of “littleties”. Fifteen minutes of yoga a day is better than a one hour class a week. How can you create a practice of a little introversion and self reflection each day?

Hopefully this blog will help!



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