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Our Facebook Group

The Flexibility Guru now has a Facebook Group! We are heading over to facebook in an attempt to build an online community. I am hopeful this allows me to connect with you in a group environment so we can have healthier, kinder, and more meaningful interactions.

I am really excited about this platform and am looking forward to building a bigger community that I can help. Our group is called The Mindful Way. I will be sharing 2-3 posts a day there to help keep you mindful each and every day. We can all forget to take care of ourselves - I don't know why it always falls to the bottom of the to-do list, but it does! So every day of the week I will be bringing you different ways to incorporate wellness into your life. Here is what you can expect:

  • little reminders to be grateful with some helpful journal exercises

  • mini-workouts ranging from 3-15 minutes

  • the stretch of the week to practice daily

  • self massage & foam rolling tips

  • healthy recipes

  • nutrition & cooking tips

  • essential oil and aromatherapy knowledge

  • self care strategies

  • natural remedies

I hope to see you in the group! Please feel free to introduce yourself. I'm hopeful this will help give you plenty of wellness tips to keep you sane, inspired, and grateful. I am really looking forward to this new addition and hope you will join me!



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