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Human Design & Gene Keys: Gate 1

Each gate in Human Design relates to a different energy, gift, and shadow frequency. Understanding the gates you have active in your human design chart will help you step out of the shadow frequencies and into the gifts even more. It will give you a level of self-understanding which can lead to personal empowerment.

Right now we are entering into the Sun's transit of this energy of Gate 1 so whether or not you have this defined in your chart, you will have access to this energy on a universal and astrological level from November 6-11.

First, let's take a look at where this gate is located in your Human Design chart. Gate 1 is located in the G-center of the body. This is the center of love, direction, and self-identity. If you have this center defined, you will have a solid sense of self and the direction you are headed in. You are able to help others who are feeling lost with their sense of identity and direction too.

If you have this center undefined, you will be more like a chameleon that molds and adapts to the people and environment around you. You almost try on different identities and gain value from tapping into all these different aspects other people bring out in you.

human design gate 1 g center is the gate of self expression

In Human Design, this is called the Gate of Self Expression.

This Gate carries the energy of individuality and creativity, and it holds the potential for people to express themselves in their own unique and artistic way. If you have Gate 1 activated, you may feel an inner impulse to manifest your creativity, whether it be through art, writing, speaking, or any other form of self-expression. You are often seen as someone with your own unique style and way of doing things.

Gate 1 carries a strong sense of self (remember it is located in the G-center!). It is through this gate that you can articulate your identity and personal direction in life. You have a natural ability to express yourself and your creativity. You are often seen as individualistic and unique, possessing your own personal style.

Gate 1 is directly connected to the Throat Center, the center of communication and manifestation. If you have the complete channel of 1-8 (Channel of Inspiration), it gives you the capacity to communicate your unique identity and creativity. You will be gifted with eloquence and can articulate your ideas in a compelling and artistic way.

The Gate of Self-Expression holds the potential for individualistic creativity. However, it also has its challenges. Being so individualistic, you may sometimes feel misunderstood or unappreciated. You must understand that your uniqueness is your strength, and it’s through your individual expression that you contribute to the richness and diversity of the human experience.

gene key 1 graphic entropy freshness beauty

In the Gene Keys, we look at the shadow (entropy), gift (freshness), and siddhi (beauty). Entropy is not a word we use very often but this is the shadow frequency of the first gene key. Entropy means “A measure of the disorder or unavailability of energy within a closed system. More entropy means less energy available for doing work.” Entropy can be experienced as a deep numbness or sense of gloom. I'm sure you have had days where you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and no matter what you do, you can't seem to feel like your normal self, this is entropy. The shadow of numbness we experience is actually a fertile state of awareness for the gift of creativity. Just as quickly as the numbness comes on, the creativity may come flooding in.

Repressive Nature: Depressive If you are repressing entropy, you will end up depressed. States of depression can be caused by a mental collapse rooted in fear. Once fear takes over the physical system, the entropy pulls more energy away from the surface of your life. These states can occur at different levels—some can be permanent, others sporadic. Some can leave you bedridden while others can simply take away the luster in your eyes. Once a depressive state has been fixed, it can only be broken by the individual and without help. YOU must face down the very fear that caused the depression and shift the frequency of your attitude on every level.

Reactive Nature: Frenetic If instead, you are reactive to entropy it will manifest as a frenetic urge to escape the way you are feeling at all costs. Instead of moving in harmony with entropy by closing your door and being alone, you immediately increase your activity and seek out distractions. You become frenetic in a bid to suppress what is truly going on inside you. You may end up involved in wild schemes, socializing with the wrong people, or locked in monotonous patterns that quickly undermine your health. You might even put yourself in great danger because you are moving in the opposite direction from the chemistry of your body. Your urge to escape your feelings opens you to all kinds of illnesses in your body that would have never troubled you. Don't run away from your feelings. Face them.

The gift of freshness!

This 1st Gift is called the Gift of Freshness because whatever emerges out of your body chemistry when it is experiencing numbness is completely new. The genius of freshness is to bring something into the world that is completely new and unseen. Once you raise your frequency and step into this gift you will naturally be seen as a leader. As this awakens inside your DNA, you will find that you automatically add life and light to any group you are a part of. When your creative fire is burning everyone wants to gather around and be part of your warmth and inspiration. On the other hand, when your fire dies down to a flicker then you can feel like nobody notices you at all.

The siddhi of beauty.

When I think of how the energy flows from numbness to creativity that inspires something fresh and new, I see a true beauty in that but as always in the Gene Keys, the words go much deeper than surface level. Beauty lies in the unity of all. When you step into the siddhi frequency you experience everything in the entire cosmos as beauty and can see that it is all interconnected from the same source. You understand that beauty is our nature and is inside each and every one of us.

Beauty is a lens provided by love. It’s a jewel hanging in the immensity of space and it’s a poetic way of living. Beauty is an unseen, unsung moment that never ends - a moment of crystal, a shaft of eternity, a gust of wind inside the god. ~The 64 Ways

This type of beauty is incomprehensible for most of us to understand.

a journal on a desk for self reflection

Reflection Time!

You don't need to answer ALL of these questions but this will help you integrate and embody this information better. Pick a few to reflect on and take a little time to get to know yourself better!

  • Do you have this gate defined in your chart?

  • Is your G-center undefined or defined?

  • Do you have the entire 1-8 Channel?

  • How have you experienced this energy in your life from entropy, depression, and being frenetic, to freshness, creativity, and beauty?

  • If it is November 5-11th, how are you experiencing this energy in your life during it's transit?

  • When in the shadow, do you find yourself collapsed into depression or reactive in frenetic activity?

  • Do you experience entropy? If yes, do you experience it as a fertile state of incubation, or do you resist it, judge it?

  • Which of your emotions do you not want to feel? How do you try to push your feelings away?

  • Do you often find yourself judging, overanalyzing, or trying to get rid of certain feelings? How does this impact your body and well-being?

  • Do you ever experience numbness or feel numb? Think about when you felt numb - what was going on in your life?

  • Are wild schemes or monotonous patterns common in your life?

  • What makes you unique?

  • How do you express yourself in creative ways? Is creativity a priority in your life?

  • When was the last time you drew a picture, invented a delicious recipe, danced, told a story, decorated your house, or wrote a song?

  • How can you encourage more creativity, freshness, and beauty in your life?

I hope this was helpful and you are discovering more about yourself and your Human Design. If you need any support, please don't hesitate to reach out. Feel free to email me at

You can always order your Human Design Book, schedule a reading or coaching session, or dive into my online course, Human Design 101.



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