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Booty Boot Camp

Ready to get your ass in shape?! I’m talking literally here! I'm pretty excited for this new program. I have always had such a fun time teaching booty boot camps and had just as much fun putting together this 6-week online program.

This program will help you get a nice, tight, round booty and toned legs. This program is for three days a week and includes a cardio booty workout, a standing legs workout, a mat based glute workout! Two days are higher intensity and one is slightly lower but only because you are down on a mat versus standing. You will definitely feel the booty burning in all three workouts.

This program includes three workouts that you can do along with the videos or through the app, weekly nutrition tips and motivation, hydration and gratitude reminders, plus a natural remedy that will reduce cellulite and help your skin and booty look and feel it’s best.

The Trainerize app helps you keep track of and log your workouts, provides demo videos for each and every exercise, plus you can keep your progress photos and measurements in it too. It syncs up with Apple Watch, FitBit, and MyFitnessPal if you have any of those accounts. If you log your food in any of those apps, it will automatically sync with Trainerize so I can keep an eye on your nutrition too! I am on the app each and every day helping my clients stay accountable and offer any extra guidance necessary to ensure their success with online workouts. Don't be shy!

It costs $25 for the six week program and you have my assistance throughout the entire program. If you want to keep the workouts to use in the app after the six weeks is over, it is $5 a month and you can cancel at any time. Each program begins the following Monday after signing up but if you would like to start even sooner, just let me know and I can change the settings. Sign up today!



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