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The Shadow of Indifference

Updated: Jun 9

I have to admit, diving into Gene Key 16 and exploring the shadow of indifference was fascinating. This energy truly resonates with me because I see its effects daily, both in the world around us and in my clients' lives. As "The 64 Ways" describes it, "It's what the world is like when love is excluded."

Indifference is a significant issue today, often making us cold and disconnected. Personally, I struggle to watch or read the news without crying. I deeply connect with the pain and suffering of others, contemplating their lives and the profound trauma they are experiencing. Many people, however, watch the news with a detached "wow, that's terrible," before moving on or adding judgment and opinion to the tragedy.

We usually understand indifference as a state of being emotionally shut down. We are fearful that if we open our hearts to the world and all of its suffering we will be completely overwhelmed. Living with an open heart won't drain you though, it will energize and sustain you.

The Gene Keys offer a different perspective on indifference, revealing how pervasive and problematic it is both globally and personally. The first way the Gene Keys describes indifference is as the fear of leaving our comfort zones and fully embracing change.

Sit with that for a minute. Identify this pattern in your own life. Do YOU struggle to step out of your comfort zone? Are YOU resistant to change?

lazy and indifferent in the comfort zone

We are indifferent because we are too lazy to care. Indifference makes us focus on the inessential, keeping us from engaging with what truly matters. How often are YOU focused on what truly matters? How many hours a week are you scrolling on your phone? This reminds me of last week's shadow work with superficiality and our habit of not being fully present.

Every shadow has a repressed version and a reactive version. Here the repressed side is considered gullibility. It is why people are so cold and indifferent when watching the news. Well, if the government can't help the world situation then nothing can be done. Why should I bother trying to make a difference? These people hide their own indifference behind the indifference of others.

The reactive nature is a bit odd because how can you be reactive if you are indifferent?! This energy will come across as being self-deluded. People will create mental walls around themselves to lock others out. They hide their fear behind an obsession with structure, systems, laws, and techniques.

This gift frequency of this gene key (versatility) felt like it carried similar wisdom as the quote by psychologist David Viscott:

"The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The work of life is to develop it. The meaning of life is to give your gift away."

Indifference is an energy field created by all the people not pursuing their gifts. Sound familiar? To fulfill your purpose in life, you must step out of the shadows and embrace your uniqueness. If you're not willing to stand up and be different, you end up sitting on the sidelines, merely observing life.

Tell me, are you observing other people following their dreams or are you too busy following yours?

When clients come to me wanting to pursue their dream life, I notice two main obstacles: a lack of clarity about what they truly want and self-doubt (fear). Both of these things have to be addressed in order to move forward or the idea will remain a dream.

Fear gets in the way and the first excuse is that we don't have enough time. Oh, you silly human. You're not a victim of time but of your mind.

scrabble tiles, life will not wait

Another common excuse is thinking you're not ready yet. Haven't you realized that your inner monologue is a liar? You are ready now; you simply need the courage to start. There is no perfect timing. Start now and see what happens. Then you will learn first-hand what you need to fine-tune and what you need help and support with.

The shadow of indifference leads to experts focused on skills, techniques, and systems. The siddhi on the opposite end of this spectrum creates masters. One of my favorite books is called Mastery by Robert Greene. This book debunks our culture’s myths about genius and distills the wisdom of the ages to reveal the secret to greatness. You know what I learned? It is the weird things that interest and excite you that can make you a legendary master who will be remembered throughout history. Be weird. Be unique. Be YOU!

Enthusiasm is what kills indifference. The key difference between an expert and a master is enthusiasm. When you combine skill with enthusiasm, you unlock the incredible gift of versatility. This makes you uniquely different and special! THIS is your purpose.

So, let's break free from indifference! What are you truly enthusiastic about? It is time to embrace change, discover your gifts, and share them with the world. By doing so, you'll not only find your true purpose but also inspire others to do the same.

~ If you would like guidance and support working on your shadows, please check out our Shadow Work group coaching program and online course!



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