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Monthly Reflection Journal Prompts

One month of 2019 is completely gone, did you make it count?

I thought this may be the perfect opportunity to reflect on how fast time flies by. If you are working towards any type of goal, it is important to check in with yourself and see how you are progressing. Taking the time to reflect on what you have accomplished and what obstacles have popped up can help guide your future planning and decisions. Try thinking these questions over at the end of each month or even each week:

What have you accomplished? What changed for you? Did you establish any new habits? Did you take steps towards any goals?

Time flies and without assessing things it is much more challenging to make progress. I generally try to use Sunday evenings as a time for reflection on the past week and what I want to accomplish in the upcoming week. I also think it is helpful to assess at the beginning of each month. It can bring a sense of gratitude for what you have accomplished and help you see where you need to improve or take action. After reflecting on the above questions for the past month, think about these questions for the month to come. What would you like to accomplish this month? What positive or healthy habits would you like to establish? What goals are you working towards? What do you want to accomplish each week this month to help you realize your goals? Do you have anything you didn't accomplish last month that you wanted to? How can you take action on it right now? If you have any questions that you enjoy to reflecting on, please share them in the comments!



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