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Human Design & Gene Key: Gate 13

Welcome to another enlightening discussion with @healingwithhilery! Today, we'll delve into the complexities of Gene Key 13, otherwise known as Gate 13. This gene key is all about the journey from discord, through discernment, to the Siddhi of empathy. Let's embark on this journey together.

The Bodygraph

First, let’s look at where this energy is located in your chart. You will find gate 13 in the G Center. This is the center of your identity, love, and direction in life. Take a moment to look at your chart to see if you have this gate defined and if this center is open, undefined, or defined. From February 3-8 we are in the transit of gate 13 so this will be the collective energy we all have access to.

image of the g center with gate 13 defined, the gate fo the listener

Human Design

This is known as the gate of the listener and the archetype of the confidant. This gives you the energy to hold space and listen with empathy.

If you have this gate defined, people may often share their life stories and secrets with you, even complete strangers. On the negative side, you can become a receptacle for people’s secrets, challenges, and darkness. This can be heavy energy to carry.

Gate 13 emphasizes the importance of listening deeply, not only to others but also to yourself. Engage in active listening by giving your full attention to the speaker, seeking to understand their perspective. Similarly, listen to your own thoughts, feelings, and desires with an open mind and heart.

The Shadow: Discord

The 13th shadow is discord. Discord is the inability to listen and learn from your own experiences in the world. It makes you unable to escape your own past. You can become unwilling to forgive and hold onto anger, blame, and resentment.

This energy is urging you to listen and learn from your past. It encourages you to understand how your own emotions and past experiences play a role in how you see others. By becoming more objective, you can learn to listen with discernment and empathy.

Discord Manifested: Permissive and Reactive

How does discord manifest in your life? If you repress it, you may become permissive. You pretend to have sympathy for others yet at the same time do nothing. You become permissive in the sense that you let people walk all over you without learning anything. You lose your backbone and agree with others no matter what. This is one of the deepest types of emotional repression that is afraid of the pain and pleasure cycle, so it settles for a false sense of safety by sacrificing both extremes.

On the other hand, if you react to discord, you might become narrow-minded. These people do the opposite! You will disagree with others no matter what they say. Narrow-mindedness arises when you get stuck in a reactionary emotional pattern and make a lifestyle out of it. You are filled with pessimism and unable to see beyond your own desires.

The Codon Ring of Purification

Each gene key is associated with a different amino acid that contributes to the makeup of our DNA. The 13th gene key codes for the amino acid glutamine. Glutamine is actually one of my favorite amino acids because it accelerates healing and reduces muscle soreness. I have been recommending it to my personal training clients for decades!

I loved reading this insight in the Gene Keys:

“Interestingly enough, there is now a large body of scientific evidence linking this amino acid to various functions and malfunctions in our gut. Symbolically, one might draw a connection between how effectively we human beings process our past and how effectively our body eliminates waste.” - Richard Rudd

I don’t think it is a coincidence that there is a surge in gut problems! Healing the past is deeply important for mental and physical health.

The Gift: Discernment

Discernment begins at an individual level when you see how deeply your view of others is connected to your own feelings and past experiences. Once you witness and examine your own feelings, you can see things objectively. I think of this as looking at three sides of the story: his, hers, and the truth. This is discernment.

Take a moment to reflect on whether you tend to be quick to judge based on your own feelings and experiences or if you are listening through the lens of empathy and deep understanding.

The Siddhi: Empathy

Empathy is often confused with sympathy. The prefix sym means with, so sympathy means to feel with another person. The prefix em means within, so empathy means being inside that person. This means to be empathetic, you let go of your own individuality and step into the other person's reality.

I enjoy doing this as a meditation. When I am trying to gain a deeper understanding of a client or loved one, I imagine what it is to experience the world through their body and mind. Your height and body frame alone can make you experience the world differently than another. I find trying on their body, what I know of their mindset, and then examining the situation can give me an entirely different level of understanding, compassion, and empathy that is helpful.

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If you found this information helpful, please like, share and save this post to help spread the word about Gene Key 13 and its journey from discord to discernment and empathy. Remember, by understanding our own past and feelings, we can become more discerning and empathetic listeners.

Until next time, keep exploring your gene keys and Human Design with @healingwithhilery! Check out my online course, Human Design 101, if you are interested in diving deeper.

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