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Five Books I Would Read Again

These are my five favorite books I listened to in 2017. If you haven't read them yet, I strongly encourage you to! 

This book is a complete game changer. Every person I have shared these principles has benefited from putting them to use. I tend to be a morning person but I think this would be super helpful for people that drag themselves out of bed in the morning. Hal has a super interesting life story and the morning routine he created is absolutely wonderful. One of the best parts about it is that you can really customize it to what resonates best with you. He also has a ton of free resources on his website.

This is the best audio book I have ever listened to. Mel is a passionate, motivational speaker so listening her did not feel like listening to an audio book at all. She has a great TED talk if you want to use that as a preview! The five second rule is all about counting backwards from 5 to 1 as motivation and a psychological trick to do the things you don't really want to do. This could be as simple as lying in the bed in the morning and 5,4,3,2,1 get up! You could use it as a way to tackle your to-do list or step away from the cookies. The applications are endless but Mel has made this a true joy to listen to.

This is a fascinating book about aging. Atul did a fabulous job providing facts and figures but I think sharing his personal story about his dad was what really completed the book as a whole. He discusses the fine line between extending life and extending suffering and brings up a lot of great questions to ask yourself and your parents. He is an excellent story teller and I feel like it opened up my eyes to many facets of aging that I had never thought about before.

This was a long book but extremely satisfying. I think it's easy to think Mozart and many other well known names were just naturally talented genius' but learning their back stories was eye opening. It helped confirm that we truly should just follow our heart. All those different and unique things that resonate with us is what makes us special and how doing what we love can evolve into greatness.

This book provides a great plan to becoming a key person of influence. I have actually listened to this book a couple times and am thinking about buying the paperback because I think it would be helpful to take notes and formulate a plan. The one drawback of listening while multi-tasking is you don't always fully absorb things as much as you would if you were sitting down and reading. No matter what industry you are in, this is a plan that will help you become a key player in your field. 

Sometimes audio books are hit or miss. I have one book I read that I absolutely loved and wanted to read it again a few years later so I thought I would listen to the audio version. It was read by the author but he couldn't portray the emotion behind his words so it actually ruined the book for me. I do like that it allows me to multi-task so I can be tinkering in the kitchen, driving my car, or walking the dog yet be "reading" a book at the same time. I love being productive so audible is a super easy choice for me! Try Audible and get two free audio books!



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