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Extreme Dieting for Medical Purposes?

I am entering a new phase of this healing journey. I feel like I have tried it all! Prescriptions, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, Bach flower remedies, aromatherapy, supplements, detoxes and more. I also feel like I have failed a million times. In March my doctor reached his breaking point after I had a massive reaction to a prescription he had me on. He told me he felt there was something going on in my body that no medical test could diagnose. I have adverse reactions to every prescription he has given me, the detox supplements, and the vitamin IV's. There is something strange going on in my body that nobody can quite figure out.

He recommended that I see an intuitive healer he knows who specializes in muscle testing, nutrition and kinesiology. To be honest, I had an aversion to this. I understand the power of intuition but it is hard for me to trust a complete strangers intuition about my body - it's just a little outside my comfort zone. I felt like we had tried everything though and throughout my research, I could not figure out any ideas of my own. I was at a dead end so I gave her a call, filled out the paperwork, and sent my medical records over. I got cold feet the day before the appointment and cancelled. She called me anyways to explain how she could help a little better. We talked for quite some time and I decided to finish up the rest of the paperwork. I got an email back that she would get back to me and just heard from her last week...three months later!

Luckily she called me on a day that I was feeling absolutely desperate. I was racking my brain over firing my doctor and what route to go next, the thoughts were churning all morning. She called me early in the afternoon and I felt like it was a sign her intuition could somehow connect to me despite distance and not knowing each other.

We had our first appointment last Friday and I just got the package in the mail from her with my supplements and protocol. She discovered that I have two forms of candida and will need to cleanse that from my body in order to see what symptoms we are left with. Right now she is working on clearing the candida, healing my polycystic ovaries, and boosting my compromised immune system through diet and supplements alone.

The nutrition changes I need to make:

No sugar

No corn

No fruit

No nuts

No dairy

No gluten

No soy

No meat

No eggs

No vinegar

No fermented foods

Essentially the foods I can eat are brown rice, beans, oil, hemp milk (homemade), fish, and vegetables. Now this is only for two months... hopefully! I grabbed a bunch of soup at the grocery store thinking that would be a good go-to if I didn't feel like cooking but I don't think I will be able to buy anything pre-made as they all have tomatoes in them. I didn't even think to look when I was at the store. I'm back to a life of reading every single label but I really think we should all do that anyways. We are quick to put things in our mouth with no idea what is actually in them.

I have to say, I would never recommend a client stick to a diet this strict unless it was medically necessary. Our bodies really need a wide variety of fruits and veggies in order to get all of the vitamins and nutrients we need. Luckily I don't have any vegetables I am limited to so I need to be very mindful to rotate my veggies and continually choose different ones to get the variety my body needs.

We are both big fruit eaters in this household but Roberto really needs to increase his fruit intake to tackle this by himself!! We have been using the Misfits Subscription box but that isn't the best idea anymore.

Today I decided to do a little video fitness assessment and take my measurements. I'm hopeful this will be a turning point. I think I am not allowing myself to get too excited because I have been disappointed time after time. But I am still hopeful! I'm hoping in a couple months I can re-do that video and show you all a before and after.... but I have no idea. I'm going to be sharing an update each week on how the process is going for my own track record and will share it here in case you are curious. I think it is fun and interesting to learn through other people's journeys. I'm hopeful my journey will help someone some day.

Here are my "before" pictures! Bodhi is my favorite part of these photos, I felt like a dork posing in my bikini! I have no idea what to expect this to do with my body. Right now I am 5'11", 137.5 pounds, and struggling with a wide variety of symptoms. Fevers, chills, night sweats, drop attacks, convulsions, severe weakness, cyst like pimples on my back, joint pain mostly in my hips but it travels to random joints each day and can make me limp from time to time. The intuitive healer told me that candida can cause fevers and chills so I am hopeful at least those two symptoms may be gone soon but they also come from the babesia parasite I have. I am not really sure what to expect this to do to my body both internally and externally but I will keep you posted!



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