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What is a Wellness Consultation?

The goal of a Wellness Consultation is to help you gain a better understanding of your health priorities and goals. This consultation will help you take stock of what is currently going on in your life and create a 90-day plan to help you reach your goals. Some recommendations will include natural remedies, supplements, and essential oils to help support your journey.

I make a commission off of the products I sell (if you make a purchase) so I never charge for these sessions. If you decide not to buy anything, that is okay!! No pressure from me, just guidance and support. I simply know that our time together will be more successful if you have the products to support your journey. I have done a great deal of due diligence to find the best companies and products so you don't end up buying "snake oil"!

Step 1: Think Through Health Priorities, Goals, and Natural Solutions At the beginning of the Wellness Consult we will walk through three basic things: health priorities, wellness goals, and natural solutions. We will create three or more health priorities from the Wellness Pyramid. They may be general, like “sleep” or “exercise.” From here, we will come up with specific and measurable 90-day goals, such as “get eight or more hours of sleep every night” or “exercise five times per week.” Then, we will assess if there are any supplements or products that can assist you in achieving those goals.

Step 2: Create a “Daily Wellness Plan” Once we figure out our goals and any helpful products, we can start thinking about a Daily Wellness Plan. Here, we’ll map out specific products you should be using on a daily basis. I will help you understand when you should be using each product by breaking your plan into morning, afternoon, and evening protocols. We will look it over to ensure the plan feels doable and adjust as necessary.

Step 3: Determine Other Supportive Wellness Choices Now that we've created your Wellness Plan, let's shift the focus from products and evaluate your goals from a general lifestyle perspective. No matter how effective a product is, it cannot supersede bad habits. For example: if you struggle with falling and staying asleep at night, but are currently watching television right before going to bed, you may consider having at least half an hour of “no screen time” before bed to put your brain in a more restful state. Adjusting bad lifestyle habits will help you achieve their goal faster and more effectively.

Step 4: Finalizing the Plan The last step of your Wellness Consult is your opportunity to purchase your products and we will go over your daily lifestyle plan and your 90-day plan. Let's go over any final questions and that's it! This is a free 45-minute session that could change your life!!

That is exactly why I get so excited to offer these sessions. Knowledge is power and having just a little guidance and support can shift your entire world in a positive way. The Wellness Consult is a critical component of your Lifestyle Overview. This is where you have the opportunity to connect your health priorities with natural solutions so you can feel your absolute best. I think you will be amazed at how powerful natural remedies and products can be.



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