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Top 5 Benefits of Private Yoga Lessons

I find it interesting how few people think of getting private yoga lessons! I have heard excuses why people don't do yoga at all and they can generally all be solved by just getting some private lessons before you drop in to a class at a local studio. Some times I think yoga in a classroom setting is actually a bad idea. I love it for the sense of community and connection but find with the wide array of postural problems, injuries, and joint replacements make it difficult to teach a class that serves everyone in the room. There have been a few times at smaller clubs that only one person showed up for class so I turned it into a private lesson and the members were shocked at how much they learned. I've never really promoted getting private lessons in any of my classes because the balance between yoga instructor and business is a funny line to walk. I know my intention is pure and I merely want to help people feel their best, but I never want people to feel like I just want to make money off of them so I tend to shy away from anything that could sound like a sales pitch! But, using this platform as a way to educate people, this is what I see as the top five benefits of private yoga lessons: Customized to your body. This is one of the most important benefits in my mind! It is important to take into account your current health status, any past injuries, your posture, and current level of flexibility in order to determine what approach and which postures your body physically needs. Most of our society has both posture issues and musculoskeletal injuries - no two people really need the same exact class format. I do an initial assessment to help me plan the most effective lessons for your needs.

Customized to your goals. When you walk into a yoga class, it doesn't really matter what your goals are because you need to stick to whatever class the teacher has planned. Privates are heavily based on your specific goals. Everyone comes to yoga for different reasons whether it is the flexibility, a tighter tush, to reduce stress and anxiety, or to become more connected with their spirituality. These can be super different paths so it is important to know whether you are trying to reach your toes, balance on your head, or quiet your mind! Customized to your interests. In addition to specific goals, you may have different aspects of yoga you would like to learn more about. Interested in the philosophy and ethics of yoga? You will want to include the yamas and niyamas. Would you like to deepen your meditation and breathing practices? You will want to include pranayama and guided meditations. Have you been struggling with a health issue? You may want to include guided imagery to use your mind to help you heal. There is a wide array of interests in the yoga world which could include Ayurveda, chakras, kriyas, chanting and kirtan, and the list goes on! Customized to your schedule. I know when I am craving a yoga class, I jump online and search all the local studios to see what is going on and it is rare that I find a good fit for my schedule. This eliminates that problem and you can put your private session where it is most ideal in your schedule! Although our packages are set for hour sessions, we can change the length of the session to what is ideal for you. It takes less time! We know that everyone's major complaint in life is that they don't have enough time. Online lessons will help you eliminate the commute to the yoga studio and you can make the sessions any length you want! Plus, it generally takes less time than somebody coming to your house because we start and end at the designated time by simply turning the camera on and off, no setting up or packing up necessary! But you could get lessons at home, virtually, or at the studio too. I hope that gives you a little glimpse on how private yoga lessons can be completely different than a class experience. If you are ready to dive a little deeper into your yoga practice or just dip your toes in the water and see what it's all about, private lessons could be exactly what you need! Let me know if I can answer any questions about private yoga!!



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