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My Class Philosophy

My career in the fitness industry has taken such an interesting path of twists and turns! I started off on this path mainly interested in group fitness. It was so much fun and it had accountability and community all built in so it felt healthy on a variety of levels. As I gained more certifications and knowledge my career shifted into Thai Yoga Massage and I realized I should probably never teach a group fitness class again.

It is only once you enter the massage world do you realize just how many people are screwing up their bodies with exercises they shouldn't be doing. I still love group fitness for all of the positives it brings but the problem is that we put a lot of wear and tear on our bodies. We all have old injuries, different weak spots and strengths, tight areas with poor or limited mobility, and postural issues that make us need very unique workouts. A workout that is truly beneficial for the masses does not actually exist in my eyes.

But wait! I just added a few classes to my weekly schedule so what am I thinking? Well, I have been very picky and selective about the class formats that I am offering so that I can make sure they can be easily tailored to different injuries and issues and actually geared towards common aches and pains. I am also not going to be offering workout classes. If you want to workout with me then you have two options - schedule a personal training session or get a custom training program made for you. I really do believe workouts should be as unique as you to be as effective as possible.

These classes are geared towards self care and bringing a balance into your body to alleviate all the wear and tear. Your wear and tear may come from kick ass workouts, the sport you love, your children or grandchildren always pulling on you and picking them up in weird positions and angles, you maybe in a seated position most of the day from side sleeping to desk sitting to commuting, or you could have extra weight stressing your joints or had injuries or surgeries. We all have different types of wear and tear and our body is crying out in pain to get us to just give it a little love. I'm not sure why our mind goes straight to how to use our body instead of how to care for it.

I want to help you care for it! The three classes I am teaching online each week are Restorative Yoga, Power Nap, and Repair & Recover. Most people know of restorative yoga but the other two are my own creation. Here is what you can expect:

Sundays at 4-5pm EST

This is a gentle yoga class done lying down on the mat. Helpful props include a strap, a blanket, a couple pillows, and blocks if you have them. Your body has a couple defense mechanisms that protect you from overstretching. In restorative yoga we are holding the stretch for three to five minutes to give your body the time it needs for the defense mechanisms to settle down and to truly relax, soften, and deepen into the stretch further. Class ends with a 10-minute guided relaxation that will help you relax on a very deep level both physically and mentally.

Tuesdays at 7-7:30am EST

This class does provide you with a little workout! We will use some of the strength based movements in yoga and exercises from Pilates to help strengthen the entire body. Some classes may be focused on upper body vs. lower body or core but I always check in with participants to see what you are in the mood for. I am not an instructor that moves super quick from one thing to the next - I prefer to challenge you by maintaining proper alignment while using slow controlled movements to really challenge your strength and endurance. You will work up a little sweat and then it will be time to relax! We end with a 10-minute guided relaxation to help you start your day with a greater level of self care and stress relief.

Thursdays at 7-7:30am EST

I created this one for all the people that have an aversion to yoga but still have aches and pains with limited flexibility or mobility in areas. Check in with me before class to let me know what you need help with. Are you struggling with some sciatica pain? Is it getting harder to get up off the floor? Is your shoulder nagging you all the time, even when you sleep? Let me know your aches and pains and we will address them through foam rolling, ball rolling, and simple stretching. A foam roller or PVC pipe is mandatory to take this class.

So as you can see, I chose classes that are very safe formats for the wide variety of clients that may be interested in them. I love to teach but safety first! I hope you will pause and take some time to think about how you are placing wear and tear on your body and what you are doing to repair it. Our bodies are dying for a little love and TLC so I hope you will join me for a class some time.

The drop-in rate is $10 or the monthly rate is $30 and includes access to the on demand video library too. The classes are also offered through ClassPass if you have a membership. If you are interested in these class formats but are looking for different times or days, please let me know. If I get enough requests I may add a class or perhaps change a time.

I don't play music in any of my classes because I am not thrilled with the sound quality as it broadcasts over Zoom so I have set up Spotify playlists for each class. I will be adding more playlists each week so you have a variety to choose from but please feel free to use what you love - especially for the Repair & Recover class - you can really set the mood to be upbeat or totally relaxing.

When you sign up for class, you will get your zoom link and instructions, including a link to the Spotify playlist too. I like to open up my Zoom 10 minutes before class time starts so we can chat and get to know each other better. I would really like to bring you a feeling of community despite our distance! If there are any questions I didn't answer about classes here, please let me know.



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