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Holistic Health Coaching

Holistic is quite the buzz word these days! Do you truly know what it means?! The simple answer is that it looks at health beyond just the physical body alone and incorporates the mind, body, AND spirit. Most doctors only want to know your physical symptoms and are only looking to minimize those symptoms with no regard to the root cause. I'm not a doctor so I can't diagnose or treat conditions, but I can look at conditions through a different lens using Ayurveda, aromatherapy, nutrition, and yoga/exercise.

We start Holistic Health sessions with a comprehensive assessment of your health by identifying current symptoms, and assessing overall health risks based on your personal and family medical history. You will be asked for certain details about your typical diet, daily activities, lifestyle choices, as well as your mental, emotional, and social environments. We then work with you to create a holistic health plan which includes a range of preventative and/or restorative measures and nutritional/herbal medicines to help you reach your health goals.

At the beginning of the Wellness Consultation you will walk through three basic things: health priorities, wellness goals, and natural solutions. First, we will come up with three or more health priorities according to the Wellness Pyramid. These can be general, like “sleep” or “exercise.” From here, we will come up with specific and measurable 90-day goals, such as “get eight or more hours of sleep every night” or “exercise three times per week.” Then, we will assess how to best achieve those goals. If you have had these goals for years and are unable to make them happen, we will be creating strategies to help tackle the things that hold you stuck in your current patterns.

From here, we’ll map out any specific products you should be using on a daily basis. There are many natural remedies to help with sleep, digestion, allergies, etc that can help improve your quality of life. We will create simple health care protocols that fit your lifestyle for morning, afternoon and evening based on your goals. You must understand that no matter how effective a product is, it cannot supersede bad habits. For example: if you struggle with falling and staying asleep at night, but are currently watching television right before going to bed, you may consider to try having at least half an hour of “no screen time” before bed to put your brain in a more restful state. Adjusting bad lifestyle habits will help you achieve your goal faster and more effectively.

Holistic health sessions are a way to find balance in life. When someone schedules a holistic health session, I think it is a sign that a client wants to do everything possible to make sure their body is feeling it's absolute best! I always say that the secret of success lies in the magic of your daily routine. This is a way to add a little more magic into that routine and really ensure that you are maximizing your time and effectiveness. This is a session to ensure your quality of life is as rich as possible!



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