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Get Active Program

This week I created a new program to help you get off the couch and into healthier habits. This is a program for absolute beginners! This is what you can expect to learn and experience as part of the 30-day program:

  • Two weekly walking assignments to help you get moving. I strongly recommend walking outside vs. the treadmill as you will get more benefits by being outside in nature.

  • One weekly stretching session designed to help you unwind while you improve your mobility and flexibility.

  • Learn five basic body weight exercises to help you develop a base level of strength. Learning the basics will help you feel more comfortable about getting into an exercise routine.

  • Exercises are taught one per day so you won't feel overwhelmed, taxed, or feel ridiculously sore from overdoing it.

  • Mindful Nutrition lessons help you develop healthier eating habits. Your body "shape" is 70% nutrition, 20% exercise, and 10% nutrition. Even if you hate exercise, healthy eating can whip you into shape!

  • Gratitude Journal Prompts to help you decrease stress levels and experience higher levels of happiness.

This program is only $20! A small investment to make in your health and wellbeing. I charge a small price for my pre-designed programs because I just have to design it once, and it isn't truly customized to your exact needs because it is a program for the general population. BUT, you still have access to me any time throughout the program to ask questions and provide any modifications you may need if you are struggling along the way.

The features of the Trainerize platform include two way messaging, videos of me demonstrating exercises for you, full class videos for stretching session, ability to take progress photos and measurements, log your workouts, track nutrition, and more.

Please reach out if you are curious and I can let you know which program would be ideal for you! Click here to check out the program on Trainerize.



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