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Spoonie Workout: Gentle Core Strength

Most of the clients I see need to work on their core so I feel like this is an important workout to share. I think this one may be more difficult for those struggling with illness. If you are anything like me, your organs may hurt. My abdomen is so tender to the touch that it worries me at times and I know there are many illnesses that can cause bloating, distress, irritation, and pain in the abdomen. For this reason, I am making this version the most gentle workout that I could create.

Even on my healthiest days I prefer to do my workouts slow and controlled so that is how I will be guiding them. All of the Spoonie workouts can be done as is, just follow the video completely and you will get a small workout and a small stretch session or you could do the workout for as many rounds as possible and then finish with a little stretch. This can be handy so when you have low energy, you get a mini-workout and if you are thriving then you can get a longer workout but with a moderate intensity. If you would like to do another round with the video - scroll to 3:24 and that is where the workout begins.

Warm Up: Cat/Cow

AMRAP: As Many Rounds As Possible but please feel proud of yourself for trying just one round!

10 Navel to Spine Lifts

10 Quadruped Balance & Reach

10 Bear Crawl Lifts

10 Bent Leg Lifts

10 4 Crunch

Stretch: End to End, Banana



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