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Manifesting Generator

In human design, one of the very first things to understand is your energy type. We are all wired with very different energy sources. Some people truly are like an Energizer bunny and others are not so much!

Your energy type guides you in how to use your unique energy in the world around you so that you have more flow in life and less resistance and struggles. There are so many things you can learn from a human design chart but mastering your energy levels is one of the most important ways to live by your design.

Quite a few of my clients are manifesting generators so I'm going to start here. Manifesting generators are visionaries that makeup about 32% of the population. This is like having two different people inside you, a manifester that is fun, spontaneous, and an outside-the-box thinker, and a generator that is supposed to light up and lift up others by doing what truly excites you.

Mastering Your Energy Type

The manifesting generators are multi-passionate people that are often considered to be all over the place. Society can frown upon that, but the manifesting generators are here to show us that it can be a good thing.

Everything that you are truly interested in is for a greater reason. Your energy is asking you to follow your bliss and listen to your gut. If you are physically excited about something, you have to follow it. This is the Universe trying to send you where you need to go to fulfill your life purpose.

The MG's are capable of so much that they have to watch out so that they don't burn out. People feel your abundant energy and will naturally try to use it for their own benefit, so it is up to you to say no when things don't truly excite you. The rest of the world doesn't need to be okay with this. You are here to lift up society with playfulness and joy.

At any given time the universe is sending you signs through opportunities, the five senses, songs on the radio, etc. It is your job to see what lights you up and calls you in. When you feel that physical response to something then you know that you are meant to chase it.

When you don't feel that instant response, that is the universe telling you it is not meant for you. If you still choose to follow it then you will be blessed with burnout to help you course-correct. This visceral response will help you make the right decisions from jobs to relationships to your daily food choices.

Be Your Unique Self!

You are not meant to do things as everyone else does. Try not to question or compare yourself to anyone else. If you feel an urge to reach out to someone, it is energetically correct for you to do it. You don't have to listen to any outside rules about whether that is good or not good. Listen to your gut and follow it.

Most of the time in life, if you truly want to do something then you generally can't explain why. That is a sign that you should go after it. If you can explain it then you are generally living in a rational and conditioned mind rather than intuition.

Your path to success is not a one-way thing. Each passion you have is here to get you to the next level. You ARE allowed to change your mind. You can be a massage therapist and a painter and a rock climber. You can do a yoga teacher training and never actually teach yoga. Trust that something in that course has helped you on your path in a different way and it will all make sense down the road. Try not to criticize yourself for not sticking with things that don't excite you anymore. You had the initial interest for good reason and you lost it for good reason too!

Tony Robbins is a manifesting generator. He may be writing a book on finances, giving a seminar on personal empowerment, and feeding the homeless all at the same time. Nobody says he is crazy and needs to pick just one thing. Your interests really are leading you to where you need to go even if it doesn't feel like it is productive at times. The second something stops lighting you up is the time to drop it. That means you are no longer lifting other people up or adding energy to society which is what you were born to do.

Signs You Aren't Following Your Energy Type

The not-self signs that tell you that you are not living by your design are anger, frustration, or exhaustion. This means that you are living based on past conditioning and not truly living by your energy type.

You have to get rid of the "shoulds" and truly listen to what lights you up. It is time to cut out the things that don't excite you so you can create space for the universe to send you more things that do. Take inventory of what you are doing throughout the day that doesn't excite you or light you up and start to assess how you can outsource or eliminate these things from your life.

A common issue for a manifesting generator is that they will commit to something in a couple of weeks' time that excites them and then when that commitment comes up, they have lost interest. It is important to give yourself permission to say no if you aren't genuinely excited about it anymore. If it makes you feel heavy then it is not something you should do.

You do not need to sacrifice your own needs to make others happy. You actually lift other people up by doing what brings you joy and that energy ripples out to others naturally. If you go to a party you have no interest in or do something you truly don't want to do, you actually take positive energy out of the collective.

You also don't have to do anything in a strict, set way. You are supposed to do things your own way, it doesn't have to be hard and you don't have to suffer or struggle. That is just conditioning by society that you need to let go of in order to live by design.

Don't be afraid of constantly reinventing yourself. Being tired is a sign you need to cut things out and reassess what does excite you. This is a sign you need to let go of things and surrender to new possibilities. I know society can make you feel pressured to be consistent, stable, and conform but that is not who you are and not what will make you thrive in life. Be your unique self, follow your gut and what excites you, and everything else will fall into place.

Parenting Manifesting Generators

Raising Manifesting Generators can be very difficult, especially for parents who are not familiar with the teachings of Human Design. The truth is that you only need to observe a couple of points.

First, you need to ask the child direct questions, implying “yes” or “no” answers. This will help him take advantage of the Response, and the parent to hear his real opinion. This is much more effective than simply “telling” them what to do and how.

Secondly, teach them not to give up halfway. Manifesting Generators hate to correct their mistakes or deal with difficulties, but it’s important for them to learn. Otherwise, they will try “half-heartedly” throughout their lives, abandoning what they started.

Here is the tricky part, as a child they may be excited to try a lot of different things. Maybe they want to do piano lessons and swimming lessons but once they actually try it, the excitement fades and they get excited about art classes instead. It is up to you to determine whether they truly have lost the passion and excitement or whether they have hit an obstacle that is making it challenging and need to learn to persevere.

You don't want to force them to stick with something that no longer excites them but you also don't want them to give up on what excites them every time something becomes challenging.



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