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2020: A Year to Develop Virtues

My health is still a disaster but I remain hopeful that one day my body will figure out how to heal! I was severely ill when the clock struck midnight on the 1st and I've been pretty disappointed that I am unable to set any realistic goals this year because of my health. Fortunately, my inner cheerleader woke up and reminded me that in the personal development world, there are always goals to work on despite what my body is struggling with.

I have been re-reading a book I read several years ago by Swami Sivananda called "How to Cultivate Virtues and Eradicate Vices". In the book he briefly discusses meditating on  a virtue each month of the calendar year and I have always wanted to make an effort to do this. I thought about starting a Facebook group to see if anyone would like to join me for this but I think Patreon may be the perfect platform to use instead. I did a little research before just going with the 12 virtues that Sivananda suggested meditating on because there are so many virtues to choose from! The schedule isn't the one he suggested in the book but I think it is even better.

I am going to invest time, effort, and energy in creating the content for this group, recording some guided meditations, and making some worksheets so people can really dive deep - so I am hoping the people interested in joining me won't mind paying a small fee each month to help support me along the way. Most of the content will be free, only the videos and worksheets will be exclusive content for $5/month. I'm also hoping that paying a small fee will help keep you accountable to developing this practice!

The plan for 2020:

January - Courage

February - Equanimity

March - Patience

April - Humility

May - Trust

June - Integrity

July - Sincerity

August - Goodness

September - Kindness

October - Forgiveness

November - Detachment

December - Contentment

Each month we will mindfully start working on developing the virtue of the month. We will start by taking time to truly understand what the virtue means, then reflecting on how/when we lack that virtue and where we could implement it better, and then we will be practicing ways to develop it. If you set aside 10 minutes a day for this practice, it could be life changing!

I am also going to be using the Patreon page to share recipes, workout ideas, stretches and other fitness and wellness tips but to get started, we will be working on our virtues! A virtue is a personal asset, think about it like a shield to protect you from difficulty, trouble, and suffering. Each virtue is a special power that enables us to experience a level of well being that wouldn't otherwise be possible. I hope you will join me in developing a practice to be the best version of yourself possible! 

This is a program you can pick and put down. There is no official time commitment and even if you just pop into Patreon here and there, you will still benefit from the content shared. Don't feel like you need to commit to a full year! If you want to work on some personal development, pop by any time! Check it out at

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