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It's time to heal.

We all have wounds to heal. Most of the time we don't even realize how much our past impacts our present and holds us back from truly thriving in life.

When I was struggling with illness it would drive me insane when people would bring up the mind/body connection. I have always been grateful. optimistic, and hopeful so it simply didn't resonate that there was something wrong with my internal thoughts. 
To be completely honest, it also made me feel more broken inside.
Not only was my physical body failing me but my brain was actually keeping me ill? It is all my fault? That thought made me feel even worse so I would resist anything related to doing the "inner work".

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Eventually every physical solution I could think of failed.

I was four years into my health crisis, had spent $70k out of pocket on specialists and alternative treatments, and I was only getting worse. I was experiencing chronic pain, daily seizures and convulsions, and spending most of my days in bed with such severe fatigue I was unable to function. That is when I hit a breaking point that allowed me to open myself up to learning more about the subconscious mind.

I began a deep dive into learning how the subconscious works and started doing more work on healing the past, nurturing my inner child, and envisioning my future. As I was doing this healing work I realized there were some major life changes I needed to make in order to heal. As I made the changes and continued the inner work my symptoms quickly disappeared within two months. A month later I was back to working full time and traveling with my clients. Six months later I was building my dream retreat center on the beach in El Salvador. After years of questioning if I was going to be chronically ill for life, I finally had an answer!

Shift Happiness

Illness is a wake-up call. It can be easy to get caught up in the physical symptoms but what if you looked at it as a divine storm here to force you to heal all aspects of your mind, body, and spirit?


It is up to you to trust the healer within, listen, and respond.

If only I had understood the power of healing the mind from the beginning!

This is what I help YOU with. I help my clients with chronic illnesses heal the past so they can free their bodies from the physical ailments related to their inner wounds. I provide a safe place to share the struggles, receive support, and gain clarity and guidance to heal the body through the mind. Is this something you could use help with in your life?

You DO have the ability to heal.

You are not broken. You are not incapable.

You ARE worthy.

You simply need the courage to begin.

What if you took a moment to look at yourself from the perspective of what happened to you, not what is wrong with you? However far off the path you may feel you are, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.


You are on the path of healing.


Are you ready to have support along your journey?


My name is Hilery and I'm here to help you.

I help people heal the past so they can embody the highest version of themselves, find peace of mind, greater vitality, and build the life they truly desire.

I started my career as a fitness instructor and although I was living an incredibly healthy lifestyle, I suddenly fell severely ill. For years I thought this was purely a physical struggle but I continued getting worse no matter what I did to help. It wasn't until I started to address my past and heal my inner child that my physical body was able to heal too.

I always said my health crisis would be worth it if I could help others with what I learned along the way. I never imagined I would learn more about the mind and spirit than the physical body though!

Now as a spiritual life coach, I help my clients heal their past and find balance in mind, body, and spirit. I am always amazed at the beautiful transformations and the power of coaching. I feel truly grateful I get to do this for a living and I would be honored to be your guide along the healing journey.

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Self-care is an important part of healing.

For many of us, our wounds are the reason self-care is so difficult to prioritize!

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