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Image by Sarah Brown

Do you tend to put everything else on the to-do list before your own self-care?

You have the best intentions and there is a part of you that truly does want to get in shape and feel better in your body, but then life happens and you get caught up taking care of everything BUT your body and mind.


Our health and wellness is a precious gift, one that should not be overlooked.

As we age, exercise and stretching become even more important.


Showing up for yourself always seems to be harder than showing up for the ones you love but it's time for that to change!

Working Out at Home

Getting fit and staying in shape can be simple and fun!


Get the accountability you need along with my expert guidance for safe, fun, and effective workouts.

This is a program that will truly support your health and wellness goals. You will notice an improvement in your balance, posture, strength, agility, mobility, and flexibility.

What people say...

Nancy H.

I am getting stronger and more flexible with each workout and it doesn't hurt to stretch anymore. I know each class will always be challenging, effective, and fun. I love how she explains each exercise and makes sure that I have good form. The gentle reminders are very helpful and keep me in proper alignment. Thank you Hilery! You have truly made a difference in my everyday life.

What are the classes like?

We follow a weekly schedule with Mondays focusing on the lower body, Wednesdays on the upper body, and Fridays on the core. Tuesdays and Thursdays are focused on self-care for mind and body which includes foam rolling, stretching, breathing exercises, and guided relaxation.

The workout classes are challenging yet gentle. We always begin with some warm-up movements, progress into several different exercises focused on strengthening both the larger and smaller muscles, and end with a short stretch of the muscles we worked. Many of the exercises are based on injury prevention, improving balance, and aging with ease. 

We tend to moan, groan, laugh, and have a good time. It is a laid-back atmosphere where all fitness levels and ages are welcome to join.

Are you ready to join us?!

Try out a few classes for free with the 4-day trial. Recordings are available by noon upon request.

If you want to join the full program, sign up for the Fitness Membership.

If you are unable to join the live classes and would like the recordings, join the Mind/Body membership and gain access to an entire online course for self care too.

  • Shadow Work Membership

    Every month
    It's time to shine a light on the darkness!
    • Weekly 90-Minute Call
    • Video Library of Class Recordings
    • Online Course with Bonus Resources
    • Private Facebook Group Support
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