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Healing with Hilery - Spiritual Life Coach Near You
Image by Lesly Juarez

Imagine having your personal operating manual for life where every decision, communication, and interaction is designed to bring you ease and abundance. A map to help you flow with life instead of against it. A roadmap to fulfill your true purpose in life. What are those tools and strategies? Those are found within your Human Design.

The path to healing can feel daunting, overwhelming, and lonely at times.


Allow me to help you. I have been on my own healing journey for 20 years now and would love to be your guide. Human design will allow you to see who you are energetically wired to be and how you can let go of old conditioning to tap into your true potential. I have three different options to help you get started.

Book of you

Custom Book

The Book of YOU

Over 90 pages to learn all about your unique human design with prompts to help you journal and reflect on these aspects of yourself.

Human Design 101

Online Course

Human Design 101

My online course will help you learn all about human design through video, audio, and reading. You will understand your chart on a much deeper level.

Radhe Hilery

Live Sessions

Coaching Calls

If you would like more personalized support and guidance, relationship readings, or parenting help, schedule a free call with me.

About Me!

I have been in the fitness and wellness industry for over 20 years and have 60 certifications! In that time I have become a personal trainer, yoga instructor, massage therapist, and Ayurvedic practitioner (just to name a few).


My life has been committed to being a role model to my clients and living as healthy as possible. Then all of a sudden I fell severely ill! I went through a five-year health crisis that put all my wellness knowledge to the test and taught me lessons about the mind-body connection that I could never understand or even believe without first-hand experience. 

Now I specialize in helping my clients get to the root of their issues whether that is chronic health issues, past trauma, limiting beliefs, or patterns of self-sabotage. I love using all of my certifications in combination to meet people where they are on their healing journey. For some, that is creating a daily routine that includes guided meditations, yoga, and exercise unique to their needs that will help them feel their best. For others, we are diving into their human design and looking to understand the patterns that keep them stuck or their soul's purpose in this lifetime.  

I do find it difficult to summarize what I do and who I help because my clients range from college students to retirees and every age in between. All I know is that the right people find their way to me! I will deeply listen, hold space, offer guidance, and provide helpful tools and support for you to move toward happiness, satisfaction, and peace of mind.

Enjoy exploring my website and see what resonates with you! 

Check out my online programs available for you to start up anytime!

My blog includes a lot of interesting articles you may find helpful.

Check out these amazing resources to help you on your wellness journey!

Healing with Hilery

Are you in need of a retreat?

Come join me in El Salvador for a private or semi-private retreat to get your life on the right track!
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