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28-Day Core Challenge

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Are you ready for a new routine?! This workout program will help you establish a healthy new routine that focuses on strengthening your core and improving your posture with 25-minute workout sessions! Let's face it, our posture isn't great, and looking at your phone or laptop half the day isn't helping. As you age, poor posture can really wreak havoc on your bones. The muscles get shorter and tighter pulling on your spine and after a certain point, this can result in tension headaches, TMJ, numbness or tingles in your fingers when you sleep, and weak shoulders. These workouts will have you standing and sitting taller in no time! Plus your core will be stronger for a wide variety of daily activities or to get involved in the more advanced workouts and yoga classes. There are multiple workouts in this program in addition to recovery and stretching routines. The only equipment you need is a mat, a long resistance band, and a foam roller.

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Healthy Motivation

Healthy Motivation

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