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Interested in working together?

Signing up for human design or spiritual life coaching can feel intimidating and it can be hard to know what to expect! It's not as scary as you have been imagining.

It's actually amazing how quickly insights and transformations can happen. We first begin with a free discovery call. It is important to make sure we are a great fit to work together. There are such a wide variety of coaches in the world that I may refer you to another practitioner if I feel like they would be a better fit for your needs. 

There is no cookie-cutter approach to healing. We are all so unique that I can't tell you exactly what to expect. I do work with most clients for a 12-week series of sessions. In just three short months your life can completely transform.

You may have been avoiding your feelings for a lifetime but you can uncover your shadows and start healing in a short matter of time. Human Design and the Gene Keys can help provide a lot of clarity with what exactly you need to address. There is so much peace of mind once you have healed your past. It will have a ripple effect in all areas of your life. 


"Joining Hilery’s 12-week wellness program was the best thing I have ever done for “me”.  I don’t normally invest money into self-care, which I discovered thru this program, should be everyone’s top priority.  

This program involves some serious soul searching and healing old wounds.  I discovered that I have been playing the victim my whole life, but have learned to turn the victim mentality into empowerment. It is so easy to blame other people for our shortcomings.  Learning to truly forgive the people who have caused the trauma and, if necessary, “cutting the cord” on toxic people in my life has given me true peace.

I can’t say enough great things about this program.  It has literally changed my life and how I see this world in a much more positive way.
Last but not least, it has been my pleasure to meet and get to know the other ladies in this group.  I love hearing their stories and knowing that we aren’t alone in our journey."

What can I expect from coaching sessions?

1. Expert Guidance. We are in a day and age where everyone wants instant gratification. No matter what your issue is you may tend to jump on google or YouTube to find the quickest answer. You do realize that anyone can write a blog post or start a YouTube channel with no actual qualifications, right? Regardless, if you want true guidance in your life then you really need answers tailored to your specific situation, your goals, your past, and who you are as a human from a true expert.

2. Help Focusing On YOU. Most of my clients tend to put everyone else AND everything on the to-do list before their own needs. I get it. You want to be successful at work, an excellent parent, a supportive friend, and pretend like you can juggle all the balls with ease – but you can’t sacrifice your own happiness and wellbeing in the process. Our sessions will help put the focus back on you and help you show up in all areas of life with more balance, ease, and joy.

3. Gain Clarity. You may know that your life is out of balance but aren’t even sure why or where to begin. The great thing about hiring a spiritual life coach is that they can help you gain clarity about what exactly needs to be changed in your life. So, instead of your goal being “I want to be healthier”, your goal becomes “I want to improve my diet so that I can start feeling better and have more energy.” Then we can also look deeper into why you are having a hard time changing your diet, why you are turning to food when you are stressed, and what unresolved issues are contributing to this behavior. Once you have clarity on your biggest goals and your past patterns, it becomes a lot easier to set little goals along the way and we can discover what is truly getting in your way. You know that you can accomplish what you want and I know that too but for some reason something keeps getting in your way. Let's figure out what that is.

4. Create A Plan. Most people have an idea of what they would like to change in their life but aren’t focused on it in terms of setting goals. After we have more clarity on what your dream life looks like and all the aspects that need to be pulled into balance, I can help you set goals and create a daily routine that will enable you to achieve them.

5. Accountability! This is a huge one. Making changes to our habits, routines, and lifestyles can be hard. The lower part of your brain has a fear that any change could equal death. Our silly little reptilian brain prevents us from evolving! This is what makes it so hard to change our ways. Having a coach to keep you accountable on a weekly basis can be the game-changer in what helps you evolve. I will hold you accountable to your goals and taking the steps forward to building the life you truly want.

6. Provides Emotional Support. Making both mental and physical changes is not easy. On the journey to improve your life you will definitely have moments where you feel stuck or like you haven’t made the progress you want. Our fears hold us back repeatedly in life and it is important to have someone to confide in that is also your biggest cheerleader. I will be here to offer emotional support on those days that you are struggling, and you will have access to a variety of tools that will help you self-regulate too.

7. Unbiased Input. We tend to have two types of people in our lives – those that support everything you do because they don’t want to hurt your feelings and those that don’t support anything you do because they are afraid you will get hurt. Some people will even hide or sugarcoat things in an attempt to protect you from the truth. Neither type of person is helpful to our personal growth. I will always give you my unbiased input from the perspective of looking at what is best for your highest good and I will also call you out on your bullshit when I see it!

Book Your Discovery Call Today

Push through the fear and discomfort to book your first session. My calendar is available for you to book your free discovery call today.

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