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The Ultimate Reset: My Results & Honest Review

I always like to experiment on myself with new health products so I can give a true testimonial before I have my clients try something. This month I decided to do Beachbody's Ultimate Reset, a 21-day Clean Eating program and Detox.

I documented the whole journey day by day so you can truly see the progress and get some helpful tips if it is something you are interested in. Throughout these past three weeks, it has actually been really hard for me to find any reasons my clients and friends shouldn't do the reset!

If I am being honest, on day 17 I started missing eating what I want when I want, but I think anyone can get a little bored when following a plan. It definitely isn't a reason not to do the Ultimate Reset! I am just a free spirit that values freedom.

I actually really enjoyed the entire program and thought it was really well done. There are such a wide variety of reasons you could do this program:

  • You want to lose stubborn weight quickly.

  • You have had a health scare and need to make a big lifestyle change.

  • Your cravings are getting the best of you and you need to get back on track.

  • You have a special event you want to look phenomenal for.

  • You want to feel your best and increase your natural vitality and magnetism.

  • You would like to try vegetarian and vegan eating to see how it feels in your body.

  • You need to do an elimination diet of meat, fish, eggs, gluten, and dairy.

When I signed up for the Reset I saw myself doing it perfectly, exactly by the book so that my clients would be able to see the true journey and results. Then I was surprised with a major road trip and I knew I would be winging it.

At that point, I gave myself permission to do the Reset in the easiest way possible. I then had to make further adjustments because I don't eat soy and I don't eat a lot of cooked foods. I follow Ayurvedic practices and I have a fiery nature so hot foods just throw my body AND mind out of balance easily.

I'm glad hiccups popped up because I'm hopeful it will give other people the permission they need to make the Reset work for them. It isn't about being perfect, it is about making mindful eating decisions that will set you up for success. There are always ways to adapt a plan to work for you! By week three I wasn't really following the plan too closely and I still got great results.

Speaking of results, some are measurable and some are not but I will do my best to include everything!

  • I lost 4 pounds and 7.75 inches overall which has me feeling a lot more comfortable and confident in my body.

  • My skin is so much softer all over my body.

  • I have ample, natural energy without caffeine or sugar.

  • I have a better relationship with my eating habits. I am challenging myself to eat more mindfully at every meal.

  • It reminded me how quick and simple meal prep can be.

  • I have realized there is a whiny child inside my head and it does just fine when you don't give it what it wants.

**I had lost seven pounds by week two. In the video it says I lost 2 pounds overall. I got on the scale the next day and lost two more. I still had an extra day of Replenish supplements because of forgetting to take Detox while on the road trip so I'm not sure if that helped with 2 more pounds or what happened!


The Program: Three weeks of clean eating with three phases of supplements to help detoxify and replenish the digestive tract. The program comes with all of the supplements, schedule, recipes, videos and more!

Week one was pretty easy overall. The biggest challenge I had was remembering to take the supplements before meals. I went vegan from day one so that was a change for me as I was eating dairy, fish and eggs before, but I follow a clean eating lifestyle so the food choices were not all that different from my normal habits.

Week two was way easier than I expected. Something about the words "colon cleanse" just made me think of colonoscopy prep and running to the bathroom. This was not the case at all! I actually had a day and a half with no bowel movement days 11-12 so from my perspective, this is a very gentle detox.

You do have to keep in mind that I have been doing a variety of detoxes for the past two years to get rid of heavy metals and mycotoxins so I do have a different perspective than a first timer may have.

By day ten I was feeling absolutely amazing. I was full of energy and feeling like my old, healthy self again. By day 12 the skin on my body felt like it turned incredibly soft overnight.

Week three I had some hiccups as it was the end of the road trip and I did a massive amount of driving for two days straight. When I got home I spent the next day in bed and every time I got up I was severely lightheaded and had many convulsions throughout the day. I wasn't sure if I had spent all my energy and was dealing with repercussions, or if it was from being back in this apartment that we believe has some toxins I may be sensitive or allergic to.

Unfortunately I spent a few days recovering and didn't have the best energy levels. I know it wasn't Reset related though. I stuck to the eating plan throughout but I didn't eat quite as light as the final week instructs you to. I added vegan yogurt to my fruit bowls, nuts to my salads, and avocados or beans to bump up the calories a bit more at dinner.

By the end of the journey, I am back on my feet with energy. Now if I am being honest, I can tell you it isn't the same high energy I had from day 10-13 but I do think there is something in this apartment keeping me from thriving. I just wish I knew what it was - all we have figured out so far is the water is pretty toxic.

I have to say that I am looking forward to getting out of this apartment and back to NYC. I definitely didn't see that coming!!

But overall the three-week journey flew by, I never felt hungry, the supplements were simple and easy to take, and I absolutely love the results. I simply feel healthier. I have a greater sense of vitality and natural energy coursing through me. I feel more confident and at ease in my body. I also feel really secure in my eating habits and am going to keep them up!

The fact that you get these results with three weeks of clean eating and a few supplements is amazing! How quick and easy it is to turn your life around! In just three weeks you can feel entirely different. That is what I love about the health and wellness industry. It doesn't take long to get great results once you commit.

If you would like to transform your body in just three short weeks, I am a Beachbody Coach that can help guide you through the journey. You can feel free to use this link or schedule a discovery call and we can discuss what the best plan for your specific needs are.



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