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The Power of an Assessment

I don't feel like enough people take the time to do a full assessment before working with clients. There is so much information a practitioner can gain through an assessment. We have a variety of things to look at and assess from posture to flexibility, strength to cardiovascular efficiency, body weight and girth measurements, to Ayurvedic constitution.

By skipping the assessment process, most practitioners are simply "winging it". We have to trust the information you have given us to be true and that you haven't left anything out of your history. I often forget to inform a practitioner I am working with of ALL the issues going on in my body so I have to assume my clients forget too. I think we can all get in that excited mindset of starting a new program and just wanting to get to work immediately! But, the plan will be significantly better if we can take an hour first to establish where you are truly at in your mind and body.

My assessment protocol includes the following: Bio-metrics, Posture Assessment, Flexibility Assessment, Functional Movement Screen, Fitness Screening, Ayurvedic Constitution, and Wellness Check.

Bio-Metrics: This is probably what most people think of an assessment! The bio-metric data of height, weight, body fat%, and eight girth measurements. Some people prefer not to know these things! I am happy to write them down without you seeing the numbers so we can still chart your progress. If you are uncomfortable with your weight, I would at least like to do the girth measurements as these numbers are more accurate for weight loss than the number on the scale.

Posture Assessment: Posture effects your body 24 hours a day! It is all the little things you do when you are not paying attention from the way you look down at your phone to the way you carry your bag to the position you sleep in at night. Posture is an important part of my assessment process because I am seeing a growing number of people with aches and pains caused by postural issues. The good news is it is quick to assess and fairly easy to fix through some daily strengthening exercises and stretches.

Flexibility Assessment: This comes in handy for me to know exactly what areas in your body are tightest. Since most people are coming to me with mobility issues, this is where I get my detailed information of exactly where your body is most limited. There are nine different stretches you will be measured in as part of this assessment.

Functional Movement Screen: There are seven different movement screens to identify any faulty movement patterns in your body that are indicative of increased injury risk and inefficient movement that causes reduced performance. These tests help identify where we may need to work on mobility in the joints or work on developing strength in the muscles. Understanding any faulty movement patterns will help reduce the risk for injury and help your entire body move better during daily activities.

Fitness Screening: Because I see a wide spectrum of clients, my fitness screening depends more on the age group. My fitness screening for an 86-year old is not the same as a 26-year old! There are a variety of different "tests" that are suitable for the age range and capabilities of the client. There will be some form of balance exercises, upper and lower body strength exercises, and core and cardiovascular endurance tests.

Ayurvedic Constitution & Wellness Check: Wellness is not as simple as fitness. Many people want to get in shape but they also may want to have more energy, feel less toxic, and sleep better too. During our wellness check we will be diving deeper into your lifestyle to see what methods will help you reach your goals in all areas of life! I also like to look at people's Ayurvedic constitution to help understand them on a different level. Ayurveda translates to the science of life and is the traditional Hindu system of medicine, which is based on the idea of creating balance in the bodily systems using diet, herbal remedies, stretching, and yogic breathing.

So, as you can see, our first session will cover a wide array of assessments and screenings to make sure I can create the best plan possible for you! Even when I do my assessments remotely through video calls, we still cover all of these topics but I do the assessments slightly differently when measurements are required. From this information I can help create a plan we can do together, separate, or a combination of both. Through the help of the Trainerize app, I am able to create workouts and mobility routines for you that have sample videos in the app to help guide you through your workouts and also gives you a platform to log and track your workouts and nutrition so it is really helping virtual clients have the same accountability as in-person. If you are ready to schedule your assessment, please reach out!



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