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Strengthen & Stretch: A Very Gentle Workout

I have to be honest, being chronically ill is like living on a roller coaster. My body is continually challenging me and it's difficult to keep the mind balanced when the body is pulling you up and down. Between the body and the mind, it is difficult to be as focused, productive, and consistent as I am used to. These last six weeks have been a really difficult phase but I am finding my way back and feeling a little better these last couple of days.

I tell you this because I have been struggling to find my way to be consistent with The Flexibility Guru. I started a YouTube channel but I have been at a loss on what I can share that would be most helpful. Today I feel like I have discovered at least one focal point for the channel! I am going to be sharing more workouts for people struggling with chronic illness. Now you don't have to be ill to do these workouts - they would be great for seniors, beginners, and self care days too!

Over the last couple of months I have really wanted to workout. I even set up my own workouts on the training app I use for my clients and set up a schedule that felt doable. In the past 2 months I was able to do 2 of the workouts. My approach isn't working! I have finally realized that I am not capable of the same workouts anymore and if I want to workout then I need to change my approach.

Yesterday I was feeling really good and decided to do a mini-workout. I thought I would film it and see if it may help other people too. The workout felt really good! It was gentle, the pace was good, and I am having no repercussions today. Sometimes when I workout it makes me feel awful after or the entire next day. So I feel like this is something that could help other people in similar shoes.

I am hoping I will be getting more of these workouts into my routine and will be sharing them in the OnDemand Video Library and sometimes on YouTube too! I hope you enjoy or pass it on to someone that could use gentle workouts in their life. This one is body weight only with no props required!



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