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Spoonie Workout: Gentle Legs

I really like this workout because it is gentle enough to do when I am not feeling well but still want to get the blood flowing and feel my body moving rather than stuck in bed. You could do this right in bed but I think you will get a more effective workout on the floor. This is very common to the workout I did to recover from paralyzation so it is just as gentle as going to physical therapy. If you are in physical therapy for any lower body injuries or surgeries, this could be a helpful routine. I know everyone's chronic illness is extremely different but on my journey I find that my body punishes me for physical activity. I enjoy going to the gym but the aftermath just isn't worth it! These little workouts are just enough to help me maintain and develop strength while not taxing my body.

Even on my healthiest days I prefer to do my workouts slow and controlled so that is how I always guide them. All of the Spoonie workouts can be done as is, just follow the video completely and you will get a small workout and a small stretch session or you could do the workout for as many rounds as possible and then finish with a little stretch. This can be handy so when you have low energy, you get a mini-workout and if you are thriving then you can get a longer workout but with a moderate intensity. The playlist is beginning to grow so now you could also do the gentle core workout and gentle legs workout back to back if you are feeling great!

Warm Up: Knee Pulls, Hamstring Pulls

AMRAP: As Many Rounds As Possible

10 Bridges

10 Long Bridges

10 Wide Bridges

10 Side Leg Lifts

10 Side Leg Circles - Large, Mini

Stretch: Windshield, Spinal Twist, Reclining Pigeon

As always, let me know if you have any questions or requests!



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