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Spoonie Workout: Back with Resistance

This is a quick and simple workout so you may be able to do all five exercises and then repeat them for a second round, if you would like! You don't have to feel your best to do this one but I wouldn't advise it if you are feeling fatigued. The only equipment you will need is a resistance band. Our back muscles tend to get weak because of our rounded posture - sitting with any level of rounded shoulders begins to tighten the chest muscles and weaken the back muscles. This workout is a great way to start working on improving your posture.

Even on my healthiest days I prefer to do my workouts slow and controlled so that is how I will be guiding them. All of the Spoonie workouts can be done as is, just follow the video completely and you will get a small workout and a small stretch session or you could do the workout for as many rounds as possible and then finish with a little stretch. This can be handy so when you have low energy, you get a mini-workout and if you are thriving then you can get a longer workout but with a moderate intensity.

Warm Up: Shoulder Circles, Elbow Circles

AMRAP: As Many Rounds As Possible

10 Pull Aparts

10 Wide Rows

10 Narrow Rows

10 Lat Pulldowns

10-10-10 Superwoman

Stretch: Seated Cat/Cow, Neck Stretch, Neck Circles



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