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Personal Training

I have to say, I think most people need personal training. Okay, maybe need is too strong of a word but I think most people would greatly benefit from personal training for a variety of reasons.

1. Professional Knowledge. I think most people have gotten to a phase in life where we know we get what we pay for and if you want something done right, hire an expert. Why should our bodies be any different?! This is the only place you have to live! What are you doing with it and to it?! My number one reason for hiring a trainer would be knowledge because that now makes you safe and more efficient with the time you spend working out. Now we spent a little money but we saved on time, guesswork, and the risk of doing anything unsafe or not ideal. I know when I set a goal, I want to reach it as soon as possible and hiring an educated trainer will help you get there in a lot less time than trial and error on your own.

2. Injuries. If you have ever been injured in your entire life, your body has most likely created poor habits as a response. It may only seem like you were limping for a couple days but you were actually overcompensating in different ways for weeks or even months. The body is so smart in the way it overcompensates for weakness but over time it can actually lead to pain and additional injuries. Most people either forgo physical therapy or stop doing their exercises as soon as insurance stops covering their sessions. The weakness still needs to be addressed no matter how long ago it was and working with a highly educated trainer can ensure your workouts are not only working to your advantage and getting you to your new goals, but continuing to address old issues.

3. Postural Deviations. Nobody has perfect posture but thanks to technology, everyone seems to have the smart phone slump these days! Posture plays a huge role in the way your body moves through different exercises and you can also improve your posture through exercise and stretching. Through the help of a personal trainer, you are both able to work on improving your posture and ensuring that you don't get injured or waste time on exercises that are not right for your body and it's postural issues.

4. Focus on your weakness. We all LOVE to focus on our strengths. Unfortunately, only focusing on our strengths makes us a little lopsided in other areas. I mean we have all seen that guy at the gym who must only work on his upper body because his legs can barely hold him up! Working with a trainer is a great way to make sure you are targeting your weak spots and not only focusing on the fun stuff you enjoy. It is never fun to work on your weakness but when you have someone holding you accountable to your goals, encouraging you, and keeping you laughing throughout the pain - it's much more enjoyable.

5. Accountability. And on that note, let's talk about accountability. Going to the gym can be hard work! There are definitely days when you may not be in the mood to go but you will be so grateful you did. Having a personal trainer with both scheduled workouts and homework for in between sessions can really help you stick to your plan better. The motivation that gets us initially going to the gym never really lasts a lifetime. I think Zig Ziglar said "Motivation doesn't last. Neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily." I've always thought that it is so funny but so very true. Hiring a trainer will definitely keep you accountable!

That would be my top five reasons for pursuing personal training. Everyone has such a unique body - genetics, injuries, accidents, health issues, joint replacements, childbirth, posture, flexibility - there are many things going on in the body that make it impossible to grab a workout out of a magazine or YouTube and know that it is actually what is best for your body.

In my practice, I have found the largest reason people don't get personal training is because of money. If money is an issue, I would recommend hiring a trainer that will put together a monthly or bi-monthly plan for you. I do this both in person and through the Trainerize app for long distance clients. This method will get you all the benefits I just discussed; a trainer is still building your workouts for you in an effort to help you reach your goals quickly and safely, they may check in with you occasionally to keep you a bit more accountable, and over time you will have a collection of workouts and be very comfortable working out on your own. If you have any questions about personal training, please feel free to contact me.



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