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Online Workouts: Please be careful!!

The online wellness world is a bit of a scary, confusing place these days so I want to share my perspective to make it clear why mindfulness is important when choosing an online workout!

The online world is FULL of fitness and wellness professionals that all have varying degrees of qualifications. Some people's only qualification is that they look the part by living the lifestyle or have good genetics. Some people may have gone to college for a health related career but some may have just taken a one-day online course and now because they look the part and say there are qualified - you trust them. I would recommend you look into the qualifications of anyone you are trusting with your body and health.

From my personal experience, one certification isn't nearly enough. It doesn't quite prepare you for the real world and the wide variety of human bodies and their issues.

Now, I have to be honest - I am horrified by all the people working out, unsupervised at home, following along with YouTube videos that often don't even have any cues about form or alignment. These little micro-adjustments are what make the difference between a safe and dangerous workout. Micro-movements can also change the entire exercise and can make it much more effective, so I feel that the quality of any of these music only workouts are already subpar.

I think you really need to reflect on YOUR body. Here are some things to think about before you jump into a random workout meant for the masses:

  • What injuries have you had?

  • What surgeries have you had?

  • What areas of your body have limited mobility or are stiff?

  • What areas of your body are the strongest?

  • What areas of your body are the weakest?

  • What is the long term goal of these workouts?

  • What is the short term goal of this particular workout you are looking at?

  • Who is this person you are working out with?

  • Do you feel comfortable modifying exercises that don't feel good to you?

I have a feeling not a lot of people are that mindful about their workouts.

You know where my obsession about this stems from?

It is because I have had so many clients come to me after doing a workout and their body is all messed up. This may be caused by them doing workouts that are actually too advanced for them, it may come from a poor instructor cueing exercises incorrectly, or I have also seen friends trying to support each other by going to their workout class and it just isn't the workout that their body needs. I may be able to fix them and help them feel better in one session but it is going to take more time to truly repair their bodies than that workout did to break them, and that is such a shame.

Now the wonderful thing about online workouts is you can search for exactly what you need! Do you need a stretching routine for sciatica - then be specific with your search. Do you need a workout to help your scoliosis? Be specific with your needs. I asked you several questions above that will help you be more specific with your search terms.

I am only trying to keep you safe! I have your best interest at heart. Please be mindful about who you are trusting with your body, health, and mind.

And of course, if you want to workout with me, I have several options available! I have general online training programs that anyone can sign up for (Please take advantage of the two week trial on the app!), customized training programs I can design for you and keep you accountable with, an on-demand video library of workouts, and live online sessions. If you are curious about learning more, please feel free to reach out or schedule your discovery call!



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