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My Top 10 Helpful Apps

I thought I would make a little list of my favorite apps. Sometimes a useful app can feel like such a lifesaver that I think it is important to share them with the world! I have essentially tried to pick one app for each "category" of life.

Health: FitBit

I stick to FitBit for tracking everything health related. It is already tracking my steps, calories, heart rate, and sleep so if I want to track my food I will log it in the FitBit app too. Sometimes I am wondering if I am behind the times with the Apple Watch or Healby but I really have everything I feel that I need within the FitBit app.

Learning: Skillshare

This is the best app for learning just about anything! I have used it for business, social media strategy, learning how to do watercolor and mosaics. If you consider yourself a lifelong learner, download this app. Depending on the subject, I throw a lesson on when I am in the car driving. I learn a lot from podcasts too but tend to turn to skillshare when there is something specific I would really like to learn more about.

Business: Quick Book Self Employed

I'm pretty sure this is the one I rave to everyone about. So many people have some sort of side hustle going that means they are essentially self employed, even if it is only part time. This app makes tax time sooooo much easier!! It automatically imports all your debit card transactions into the app and all the miles you drive. Then it is up to you to swipe left for personal and right for business. If it is business related, you can also categorize everything too.

Organization: Google Calendar

I know there are a lot of to-do list and organizational apps out there but I am definitely a google girl....although I have tried and tested a lot of different productivity apps. Google Calendar is simple to use, you can color code your schedule, invite guests to appointments, set reminders, and it is easy to integrate across platforms. I use Wix to design and host my websites, and my google calendar links to the site for when people want to book a session online. I schedule everything! I have a lot of things on my to-do list and have found if I actually schedule them into my calendar then I am way more likely to get them done.

Meditation: Inscape

I have to say when I first signed up for this app I was not very impressed but they just did a complete overhaul and it has improved drastically. Now I use it for myself and for some of my clients. Once in awhile I still use Insight Timer which is free but I found with such a wide array of guided meditations I would get stuck scrolling and searching too much. Inscape is organized by topic you want to focus on such as sleep, productivity, creativity, better relationships, etc. I am currently on day 11 of a 33-day meditation program on there to gain more energy!

Mindfulness: Moment

I think this is now also a feature of the new iPhone operating system but this tracks how much time you spend on your screen and how many times you pick up your phone. You set goals and it will warn you throughout the day when you are getting close. I think the average person spends somewhere around 4 hours a day scrolling on their phone and I do not want to be spending one full day a week on my phone so I set my limits at 2 hours and 22 pick ups!

Exercise: Streaks Workout

This is a super handy workout app. There are only body weight exercises so you don't need any equipment and you could do the workout at home, in a hotel, outside, etc, so no excuses! You can pick from 6, 12, 18, or 30 minute workouts so again time limits are not an excuse either. You can select from exercises you want to do and it will put together a workout for you. You can choose whether you do the exercise for time or for reps and you just tap the screen when you are ready for the next exercise. It's simple to use and even if you have health problems, these workouts are still very doable - just start with 6 minutes and exercises that are done lying down.

Passive Revenue: EyeEm

If you take photos on your phone, this is an easy way to make a little money. The app is a bit like Instagram but it has different contests you can win with your photos and you can share any photos on their stock website to make money on them. I guess I picked this one as the best passive revenue app because it is the simplest. Most people are already taking photos and sharing them on an app, so why not make a little money off them?!

Music: Spotify

I prefer Spotify over Pandora or Amazon Music. I love the freedom to make playlists, listen to random lists, and enjoy podcasts all in one spot! I like how they have it organized when you are looking for music. Right now I am listening to their playlist "Music for Concentration" and another one I enjoy is "Warm Fuzzy Feeling"! Plus you can share your playlists with other people and have found that handy when someone comes to a yoga or spin class and loves the music.

Community: Marco Polo

I only found out about this a couple months ago but use it daily now and love it. It is set up as video chats but more in the sense of leaving a video voicemail for someone. Your friend can watch it live if they are on at the same time as you, but you can also just leave a video and carry on a conversation back and forth when each person has the time. You feel more connected than texting because you can actually hear the intonation and see the visual cues of the person you are chatting with! You can also set up group chats with multiple people so everyone can be on the same page. There are definitely times I would rather have a FaceTime call and talk in more real time but I have found this to be a really great way to reach out to friends and truly connect more often than I normally do.

And there you have it! Those are my favorite apps. I hope you learned at least one that will help make your life easier too. If you have any handy dandy apps you would like to share with the community, leave them in the comments section!!


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