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Is the Journey Over?

I haven't posted an update in quite some time! Healing took awhile but I finally feel like myself again. I still don't have my reflexes back but nobody seems too concerned. The fatigue is gone and I am working full time and exercising again! I have been working out most mornings but my strength is still 50% of what it was. I want to start working harder on that in the new year and my doctor gave me clearance to go full speed ahead. I am cleared for everything but hurdles! I still have a couple minor disconnects in the nerves that make it easy for me to trip. It caused me to fall down outside and down the stairs a couple times but I haven't had any falls lately. I read that it can take over four years to get back to normal strength levels but I am hoping with my personal training knowledge I can beat those statistics.

An article by neurologist Dr. Parry explains why strength suffers "Surviving axons send out small branches called collateral sprouts that restore the nerve supply to those muscle fibers whose nerves have been damaged. This process of collateral sprouting is very effective at restoring strength to a muscle but the efficiency of the muscle suffers - the muscle must work harder to achieve its goals."  I also read another study that was looking into the long term effects and studies 34 patients from 7-86 months after recovery and 30 of the 34 patients had abnormal findings in the nerve conduction study.  It is such a rare disease it is challenging to find information on the residual effects and what to expect. I like to create my own path anyways so I am not too concerned about the statistics.

My physical therapist warned me that the fatigue could come back at any time. She said it may not be for 20 years but Guillain Barre has an odd way of popping back up when you least expect it. I'm super excited for that.... it makes me want to complete my bucket list ASAP! All in all, I am a happy girl! I am grateful for the journey and being able to experience a new challenge and I am looking forward to a brand new year ahead.



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