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Interested but Nervous?!

Have you been exploring my website and following me on social media but still a little nervous about committing? Don't be! First off, you can schedule a call with me and we can go over any worries or concerns you may have. I am a very honest person so if I feel like I will not be the best person to address your needs, I will tell you.

If you are nervous about what the process looks like, I will lay it out a little here to see if that makes you feel more at ease!

After we have our discovery call and determine that we are a great fit to work together, I will be emailing you an assessment form to fill out. This has A LOT of questions! You will need to take your time and fill it out completely before our first session. This is going to provide me with a lot of the information I need to create a thorough and comprehensive plan for you.

Once I have received the paperwork, we can then schedule our first session! All my scheduling is available online through my website and calls are done through Zoom.

I do require payment on a monthly package for Holistic Health Coaching. This is a big commitment for both of us and I want to make sure we are both equally invested. If at any point you hit a bump financially, we can put things on hold or split it into weekly payments instead.

All sessions will be one hour long. Each session starts with a short grounding meditation and then we will dive deep into our session and begin to focus on your unique goals and the best approach for you to take. You will walk away from each session with a strategy, a little homework, and specific take-aways to implement.

People come to me for Holistic Health Coaching for a wide variety of reasons! These are just some examples of what it can help with:

  • Empty Nest: I've lived most of my life fully invested and committed to my children. How do I rebuild a life for me?

  • Health Scare: My doctor just scared the crap out of me and told me if I don't get my butt in gear, I'm going to be in trouble.

  • The Blues: I seem to be in a funk. Nothing is wrong per se but I just don't feel great, my energy is low, my sleep sucks, and I feel stuck.

  • Chronic Illness: I know I have a chronic health condition but I want to live my best life. Help me find strategies and remedies to feel my best while coping with the roller coaster of chronic illness.

  • Divorce: I just had a massive life change and want to be more strategic about how I design my life moving forward.

  • Dead End Job: I realized I hate my job and need to make a major transition. I need guidance and support on how to have more energy and focus so I can build a new career or side hustle.

  • Mindful Approach: I want to make sure I am doing everything I can to feel my best for as long as humanly possible. Help me age with grace and vitality!

Holistic Health Coaching is a simple process with a wide variety of applications! What do you think you could use it for?!



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