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Flip a Coin Workout!

This workout does require one piece of equipment but you probably already have it in your pocket, all you need is a coin! It can also be handy to have a timer or clock around for the 60 seconds of high knees and the 60 second plank but you can always just count in your head. The last optional piece of equipment is a mat. This could make it more comfortable if you are doing push ups on your knees and for some of the core exercises near the end.

I have provided you with ten different exercises so you could stop right there with a quick workout or you can keep repeating as many rounds as you would like for a longer, more challenging workout. Every time will be a slightly different workout which will help keep you from boredom and keep your body challenged in different ways.

If you want a longer workout, another option would be to do this entire workout tabata style instead of counting repitions. Since tabata rounds take four minutes each, that would make this a 40 minute workout if you took no breaks at all so I would plan on at least 45 minutes. Tabata is done in intervals to really push your limits since you are working for twice as much time as you are resting. The tabata method is done with 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest and you repeat for eight rounds. Every round you are working as hard as possible but your first round won't look like your last round as you should be pretty burned out. This is the best method for losing weight, increasing strength and endurance quickly.

If you have any questions, please just leave a comment and I will help the best I can!



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