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DIY Fitness Assessment

I am a big fan of assessments. I think it provides a lot of information that you can then use to put together a plan to help reach your goals. The assessment will shine a light on your strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you hold the wall sit effortlessly for 2 full minutes but can only do 8 push ups, then you need to begin to focus more on your upper body workouts and less on the lower body ones. If your strength and endurance is pretty decent overall but your balance, mobility, and flexibility are all a challenge then you need to focus more on the movement patterns and stretching sessions. You may not need to cut back on the workouts but instead start integrating balance and flexibility into the exercises.

The name of the 10 assessments are listed below along with what it is assessing. You can do them along with me in the video. Just hit pause after each demonstration and test yourself!

  • Tandem Balance - How is your balance?

  • Wall Sit - How is your leg strength and endurance?

  • Plank - How is your core stability and endurance?

  • Quadruped Balance - How is your proprioception?

  • Push Ups - How is your upper body strength?

  • Crunches - How is your abdominal strength and endurance?

  • Burpee Challenge - How is your cardio level?

  • Get Up Get Down - How is your mobility?

  • Hamstring Stretch - How is your hamstring flexibility?

  • Back Scratch - How is your shoulder flexibility?

There you have it! You should now have a good overall picture of your fitness level. I posted a video last week teaching how to take your own measurements. Try doing both on the 1st of every month and repeat your measurements the 15th of each month. That will set you up for a consistent routine that will chart your progress over time, and keep you encouraged and motivated to keep it going!

If you did the test and don't really know how to translate your results, sign up for a discovery call and we can go over them together!



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