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Body Weight Workout Program

Last week I launched a new series of body weight workouts that are part of a two month training program. You won't need any equipment and very minimal space, feel free to do it indoors or outside. This program should be done 3 days a week and there is a different workout for each day. There is a body weight strength workout, an interval workout, and a strength and endurance circuit. You will repeat the same three workouts each week for the first month, and then get a new series of workouts for the second month to ensure you do not plateau. There are other optional days that include walking and a 30-minute stretch routine to keep your body active and bring it into a better state of balance.

All of my online workout programs are created through an app called Trainerize. It is super handy, fairly easy to use, and has great features to track your progress and help keep you accountable. Your workouts are set up in a calendar for you on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with videos of each exercise in case you need tips on proper form. You can log how many reps you do and it keeps track of timed intervals for you too. The walking assignment is on Tuesday but you can get moving however you would like! The stretching routine should be done on Sundays but anywhere you can fit it in would be great. Thursday is your day off where you can play catch up, rest, repeat a workout, or do a different workout you enjoy.

This two-month program costs $30! That is six different workouts, a guided stretch routine, accountability check-ins with me, AND weekly nutrition lessons to help you fine tune your meals. Nutrition coaching available too if you would like to have professional guidance tailored to your specific needs. That's it! I just wanted to share some details and benefits of the new program. Let me know if you have been looking for an online program but haven't found one that really fits what you are looking for. I am always open to new ideas and happy to put something together.

The next two programs I am launching over the next week are a 6-week Booty Boot Camp plan and 30 Days to a Better Front Split... so let me get back to work! I hope you are not only surviving the pandemic, but finding your own ways to thrive during it too.



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