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Attitude of Gratitude

I was standing in the shower tonight washing my hair and almost fell over backwards. I forgot that I no longer have the ability to balance with my eyes closed. Surprisingly, my immediate feeling was gratitude. I feel grateful for this experience. It is challenging, frustrating, and tedious but I am learning so many lessons along the way. I immediately thought of this photo by Monty Knowles, it has been in my mind all day. To me it is a reminder of both my inner and outer strength, my courage, and my flexibility in all aspects of life. I know these rough days suck and I can't always make the best of them no matter how hard I try but tonight I do feel blessed and grateful. I am grateful that I can walk again even if I do have a little limp some days and every step hurts. I am grateful that I have had new ideas to help people in similar situations. I am grateful for the challenge to stay positive in a difficult situation. Most of all I am grateful for my friends, family, and clients that have shown so much support and love through this entire journey. I deeply thank you and am full of gratitude for each and every one of you.



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