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Human Design Embodiment

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Our weekly meetings will always be the same zoom link for both times, 10am EST and 6pm EST. You can always find it here 💗

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  • This week is all about the shadow of seriousness and the gift of delight and ecstasy found through play and enjoying the present moment. Be mindful of how you fall into the shadows of seriousness...

    Don't forget to watch the video on the transits.

  • D

    How are you doing with applying what you have learned so far?!

    Have you been able to get alone time and shed the energy you have picked up from other people?

  • L


    If you want to learn a little bit more about what your human design chart can tell you, check out what the planets symbolize and the wisdom you can learn from these gates that are defined in your chart.

    Sun: Your identity and vitality. Your ego and personality. The gift you give to others. It is 70% of your personality and make-up. The personality side is also your life's work and brand identity and the design side is your radiance in the gene keys.

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    Welcome to the group! Join me on a journey to learn more abo...

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